Kuba Imperial HiFi 3000 (Telefunken Concertino HiFi 3030), 1973-1976, made in Germany

Kuba Imperial HiFi 3000 это то же самое что и Telefunken Concertino HiFi 3030.

Country: Germany
Manufacturer / Brand: Imperial Rundfunk und Fernseh (Kuba-Imperial, auch General Electric); Osterode/Harz, Hemmingen
Year: 1973–1976
Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Semiconductors (the count is only for transistors) 23: B60C220 B40C2200 BF414 BF441 BC238 BC182 BC179 BC431 BD137 BD138 BD597BD598 TBA570 CA3089 MC1310 TBA231 TBA281 TAA940 SFW-10.7MA 1N4148 BB104
Main principle Superheterodyne (common)
Wave bands Broadcast, Long Wave, Short Wave plus FM or UHF.
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110; 220 Volt
Loudspeaker - This model requires external speaker(s).
Power out 44 W (undistorted)
Model: HiFi 3000 - Imperial Rundfunk und Fernseh
Material Wooden case
Shape Book-shelf unit.
Dimensions (WHD) 546 x 120 x 270 mm / 21.5 x 4.7 x 10.6 inch
- Hi-Fi-Steuergerät. Vollstereo, NF-Verstärker mit zwei Endstufen je 22 W (Sinus).
- Each semiconductor type listed once.
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 6.8 kg / 14 lb 15.6 oz (14.978 lb)
External source of data Erb
Source of data Katalog RFP 1973 / Radiokatalog Band 2, Ernst Erb
Mentioned in Handbuch VDRG 1974/1975 (und 1975/76)
Literature/Schematics (1) -- Original-techn. papers.

Grundig V5000 Integrated Amplifier, 1980, made in Germany

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Manufacturer: Grundig
Model: V 5000
Type: Integrated amplifier
Year of construction: never
Made in: Germany
Colors: silver, brown
Remote control: no
Power consumption: max. 450 watts
Dimensions: 450 x 110 x 380 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 12.6 kg
New price approx .: 1,250 DM

Number of inputs:
- Phono 1 MM / Micro 1.9 mV / 50 kOhm; 1.8 mV / 50 kOhm
- Phono 2 MM / MC 1.9 mV / 50 kOhm; 0.17 mV / 11 ohms
- Tuner 200 mV / 500 kOhm
- 2x tape (including 1 double front and back) 200 mV / 500 kOhm
- Monitor 200 mV / 500 kOhm
Number of exits:
- 2x tape (including 1 double front and back) 20mV / 47 kOhm
- 2x headphones 400 mW / 120 Ohm
- Line 440 mV / 6 kOhm
- 2x speakers

Technical specifications
Continuous output (with distortion factor)
- 8 ohms: 70 watts DIN
- 4 ohms: 100 watts DIN
Dynamic performance
- 8 ohms: 2x 85 watts
- 4 ohms: 2x 150 watts
Total harmonic distortion: <0.02%
Damping factor: > 60
Frequency response: 15 Hz - 40 kHz (-1 dB)
Signal-to-noise ratio: > = 70/75/80/100 dB (micro / phono MC / phono MM / high level)
Stereo channel separation: > 60 dB
Tone control:
- Bass: ± 15 dB at 40 Hz, channel-separated
- Bass: ± 11 dB at 300 Hz, channel-separated
- Middle: ± 11 dB at 2,500 Hz, channel-separated
- Treble: ± 14 dB at 16,000 Hz, channel-separated
Loudness: yes, switchable and controllable
High filter: no
Low Filter (Subsonic): permanently switched on with Phono
Mute: no
Direct / Line-Straight: no

Special equipment
- Level control for Phono 1 and 2
- Switching voltage input on tuner connection

JVC Victor MC1820L, 1976, made in Japan

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Country: Japan
Manufacturer / Brand: JVC - Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.; Tokyo
Year: 1976
Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Semiconductors (the count is only for transistors) Semiconductors present.
schematic requested
Main principle Superheterodyne (common)
Wave bands Broadcast, Long Wave and FM or UHF.
Details Cassette-Recorder or -Player
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 220 Volt
Loudspeaker - This model requires external speaker(s).
Power out 20 W (unknown quality)
Model: MC-1820L - JVC - Victor Company of Japan,
Material Various materials
Shape Tablemodel, with any shape - general.
Dimensions (WHD) 516 x 93 x 300 mm / 20.3 x 3.7 x 11.8 inch
- HiFi 3-band receiver with cassette deck (50 - 12,000 Hz).
- 2 x 10 watts sine into 4 ohms.
- Inputs: 2xMIC, 2xAUX, 2xLine.
- Outputs: 2xLine, 2x headphones.
- 1xDIN input / output.
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 10 kg / 22 lb 0.4 oz (22.026 lb)
Source of data -- Original prospect or advert
New price approx .: 1'000 DM

Так делается благодаря:

Saba Hifi Tieftonlautsprecher 5998, 610, 003, 1966-1970, made in Germany

Такие НЧ c пылезащитной юбкой и характерным бантиком устанавливались в Saba IIA.

Однако в Saba 820F, Saba 830F пылезащитная юбка уже отсутствовала и цвет корзины с тыльной стороны поменялся на светлый.

Cone Ø 200 mm.

Saba 5898, 210, 002 (5 Ohm) Oval 170x115 AlNiCo, 1960, made in Germany

Такие ВЧ c AlNiCo устанавливались в Saba Freiburg 125 и им подобным.
В SABA IIA, Saba 820F устанавливались на ферите.

Tweeter with PHENOLIC RING, 1983, made in USA

Link: audiokarma

Первые экземпляры этих ВЧ выпускались в 70-хх с фенольным кольцом с голубоватым оттенком диффузора. На примере Marantz Imperial 6G.

Интересно, что в 1973 году Eastman Sound MARTIN LABORATORY 230 MKII, 16 February 1973, made in USA установили образцы ВЧ головок как в 80хх но с маркировкой EASTMAN T-1 137 7301 with Phenolic Ring

В 1983 году в каталогах появились вновь эти ВЧ c маркировкой Tweter C050N08.

Самый последний выпуск запустили в Китае MidwestSpeaker MT-4107-4

Tweter mark: C050N08
60W RMS SystemPower.
Freq. 3-20khz
Year of issue: 1983
Country of Origin: USA


Top quality units produced in England by Sifam. Used in a variety of BBC and broadcast gear such as Amek, Calrec, Glensound, Canford Audio, SSL, Alice & etc.

The peak programme meter (PPM) indicates not average levels, but peaks. It is widely used to establish correct transmission levels and for equipment line up. It takes the form of a moving coil milliameter with an approximately linear scale, and is designed for use with an appropriate driver circuit to give a fast response and slow fall time, with the drive circuit PCB mounted directly onto the studs on the back of the meter. All Sifam PPM’s have taut band movements (ligament suspended), which is extremely robust and shock proof.

Transparent acrylic case at the front, for mounting on the back of a panel. Rear zero adjustment screw. The bezel is made of die-cast alloy with a matt black finish and is attached to the counter mechanism with two simple screws.