Allen & Heath ZED-14 USB Mixing Console

ZED-14 is a fantastic entry-level mixer for small bands, solo performers or AV applications. Its comprehensive feature set, compact size and fine lines combine to make it one of the best small mixers around. Provided with configurable USB audio in/out makes it easy to capture stereo recordings, 6 mic or line inputs, 4 stereo inputs with EQ, there are an incredible 157 controls on the front panel of the ZED-14.
This is a mixer for anyone, from entry-level to professionals, who appreciates fantastic sound, rugged build quality and imaginative feature sets. It’ll be equally happy running your gig on stage, recording live or mixing down in your studio at home.
We’ve teamed up with major software supplier, Cakewalk, to bundle its SONAR X1 LE music creation and audio production software with ZED, giving you a fantastic, high spec digital audio workstation.

  • 6 mono channels
  • Neutrik mic XLR
  • Neutrik 1/4 inch jacks
  • Channel insert
  • Super wide gain ‘DuoPre’ mic line input
  • 3 band EQ with MusiQ
  • 4 auxes
  • Illuminated mute
  • Sound image pan
  • Illuminated PFL & peak warning indicator
  • ALPS 100mm faders
  • 4 stereo channels with 2-band EQ and inputs for extra sources
  • Stereo returns & playback
  • All inputs with level control
  • 12 bar meters
  • Mono/stereo function on auxes 1&2
  • Monitor output section
  • Alt stereo output source
  • Configurable USB stereo audio in/out
  • Cakewalk SONAR X1 LE bundled with mixer
  • Rack ears available

Samson MDR 1248 Mixing Consoles


Whether you're building a home studio or setting up a sound system for performing live, the MDR series of mixers delivers superior audio quality and excellent value, along with an impressive feature set. The new MDR 1248 is a true professional 12-channel stereo mixer with all the features needed for live or home studio applications. High-quality, discreet, low-noise mic preamps, 3-band EQ, 60mm faders, and internal 24-bit DSP processing, gives users total control over signal flow and the best possible sound. And to make the MDR 1248 even more versatile, we've included a standard 19-inch rack mount kit.As with all ofSamson's MDR mixers, the MDR 1248 features advanced circuit design using carefully selected components at each stage of the signal path, giving you maximum dynamic range and a transparent audio signal for your live or recorded music.


  • Excellent sounding mixer for studio and live applications
  • 12 Inputs: 4 mic/line plus 4 stereo line
  • 24-bit Digital Effects Processor with 256 Presets
  • 3-band EQ with sweepable mids on mic/line inputs
  • 4-band EQ on stereo channels
  • 60mm faders
  • Standard 19-inch rack mount kit included

Canton GLS-50 Subwoofer, 1980-1985

  • Manufacturer: Canton
  • Model: GLS 50
  • Year of construction: 1980-1985
  • Made in: Germany
  • Color: Black, White, Walnut Veneer
  • Dimensions: 340 x 340 x 340 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 10.5 kg
  • Price approx: 500, - DM

  • Type: Subwoofer, passive, closed
  • Chassis:
    • Woofer: 1x 310 mm
  • Power: 2x 50/70 Watts (music / sine)
  • Efficiency:
  • Frequency response: 22-120 Hz
  • Slope 12 dB / octave
  • THD less than 0.4%
  • Transmission range:
  • Impedance: 4 ohms

CIMAR SG Dot 1944 Classic Cherry, Made In Japan, 1970

Kay SG K-2B Bass, made in Japan, 1976-1979


Hopf Twisty 1 NE-357, made in Germany, 1960-1964

Nintendo GameCube Silver ver. PAL

в комплекете:
- 1 джойстик
- блок питания
- провод AV для подключения к TV
- 9-ть компакт дисков (смотрите фото)

приставка 100% рабочая без скрытых дефектов


Nintendo GameCube Blue ver. PAL

в комплекете:
- 1 джойстик
- блок питания (с землей)
- провод AV для подключения к TV
- переходник видео
- 3-и компакт диска (Donkey Konga, Black & Bruised, Shrek Extra Large)

приставка 100% рабочая без скрытых дефектов


Мастеровая Бас-гитара Владимира Буракова

Мастеровой, работы Владимира Буракова ( , в народе известного как Upgreader. 

Корпус из махагона, гриф клён, накладка эбен, датчики Сеймур Дункан, в комплекте кейс размером с холодильник. 

Звучит сравнимо с фендер-пресижн за два килобакса. (может звучать гораздо злее, но если попросить, может звучать и очень мягко или прозрачно. И конечно же может по-пресиженовски "давить")


Akai APC-40


Samson S-COM4 4-Channel Expander Gate Compressor Limiter


The S com 4 is a compact and versatile single-rack space device that provides four channels of high quality dynamics processing with an Expander/Gate and Compressor/Limiter on each channel. The four channels operate independently or in stereo pairs. Its multi-segment LED metering displays input/output level as well as gain reduction. The Expander/Gate section features a continuously variable Threshold control as well as a switch for fast or slow release times. The Compressor/Limiter section includes variable Threshold, Ratio and Output levels. S com 4's Enhancer switch restores high frequencies that are sometimes diminished by heavy compression. This wide-ranging combination of features makes the S com 4 an efficient and versatile audio tool for a wide variety of applications. Its clean and quiet audio characteristics make it ideal where high sonic integrity is imperative.


  • 4 Channel Compressor/Limiter, Expander/Gate with Enhancer
  • Linkable in two Stereo pairs
  • Expander/Gate with variable Trigger control and switchable Fast/Slow Release
  • 5 Segment LED meters for Input/Output levels and Gain Reduction on each channel
  • Advanced circuit design utilizing Low Noise Operational
  • Amplifiers and High Quality VCA's
  • Servo Balanced Inputs and Outputs on XLR and 1/4" connectors
  • SKD (Smart Knee Detector) circuit automatically switches from soft to hard knee based on the level of Input signal applied
  • Individual Threshold and Ratio controls on each channel

  • Downloads & Manuals


    National Panasonic RF-5410 LBS Multiband Shortwave Transistor Radio

    Proel MFPRO8U ABS 19" Rack Case 8U

    The Proel 8 Unit ABS Rack Case is a heavy duty 8U 19 inch stackable rack case.
    Proel ABS Rack cases are built with A.B.S. thermoplastic plates that en-sure manageability in a stable, secure, heavy-duty, ultra-light case. Multiform cases offer the following features: gasket-sealed front and rear covers to provide maximum protection, reinforced interior, galvanised metal locks and stacking facilities.
    The main features of the Proel 8 Unit ABS Rack Case include:
    • Width : 555 mm
    • Height : 433 mm
    • Depth : 565 mm
    • Weight : 5.35 kg
    • Rack Units : 8U
    • Colours Available : Black
    Manufacturer: Proel

    Korg nanoKEY 25 Key USB Controller Keyboard Black

    Sinn7 Phantom.1 (48V Phantompower Interface)

    Dynacord CLS-22 Leslie Simulator