Electronica EM-05 | Электроника ЭМ-05, 1988, made in USSR

Description: http://ruskeys.net

Electronica EM - 05 is a polyphonic strings/piano EMI. It has 2 sound types: orchestral and piano. Keyboard's range is 5 octaves. The instrument has a grey metal case. Controls on the front desk change sounding during playing. There is a possibility to connect an external sustain's pedal.


  • Pitch, level, orchestral (ON, level, decay 2-3), unison (ON 1-2), piano (1/2/3), vibrato (ON. depth, frequency).
  • Back desk: connector (220V), output, input for pedal.
  • Weight - approx. 15 kg

Bass Guitar Belarus (Gold) | Бас-гитара Беларусь, 1990, made in USSR

full description & scan documents (russian language): sovietguitars - thnx my moscow friend SiPUS

Alisa - 1387 | Алиса 1387 Мелодический Синтезатор

Description http://ruskeys.net

The synthesizer "Alisa - 1387" (Luberetskiy factory of musical instruments) is used for solo playing in musical groups. It can also be used for creating different effects and synthesized sounds. This instrument has 3-octaves keyboard, a modualation wheel and the control system (regulators and buttons). The instrument consists of the following main blocks: tone generator, filter, contour filter, signal contour, modulation, sound mixer and output.

Controls on the front panel:

  • Tone generator - tuning, generator 1:3 waveforms, modulation amount, pulse width modulation, portamento, register: subfrequency, 32',16',8'; generator 2: sync on, interval, waveforms (square, sawtooth)
  • Sound mixer - generator 1 (level), generator 2 (level), noise (level).
  • Filter - cut off, resonance, vibration, keyboard tracking
  • Filter contour - attack,sustain, decay, release.
  • Modulation - tempo; waveforms ON, oscillator/filter, depth (wheel).
  • Output - common level; output ON.

Connectors of back board:
  • linear output
  • power on
  • power plug
  • external triggering - generator, output, input, ON.
  • Front board - output for head-phones

Casio Dp-1

Lel UDS | Лель УДС

Description http://ruskeys.net

The electric percussion instrument Lel`UDS combines a synthesizing module & two drum pads (with rubber surface) on the stand for live playing. It can be used as a supplement to the standard drum module to get synthesized sounds with the possibility to change sound parameters. The main parameters are divided into two groups : TONE & NOISE , which include tone, attack, range, timbre, decay & so on. There is also a sensetivity level, a ballance between noise & tone, a master level. There are some connectors on on the rear panel- 2 trigger outputs and main output.

first example:


Roland SR-JV

Electronica EM-04 | Электроника ЭМ-04, made in USSR

Description http://ruskeys.net

Electronica EM - 04. There is a one master oscillator in the instrument. Due to this oscillator a possibility of instrument's detuning in the process of operation is eliminated. This generator shifts a pitch of the instrument on an octave, "slalom-effect" and refines the tuning +/- 1/4. Because of split of the manual into 2 sections, the volume of each part may be adjusted.


  • Total audible range - 7 1/12 octaves
  • Keyboard's volume - 4 1/12 octaves
  • Mains voltage - 220V +/-10%
  • Dimensions - 790x490x155 cm
  • Weight - max 20 kg

Lel 22 | Лель 22

Description http://ruskeys.net

Lel' - 22 is a small-sized electronic musical instrument that can play soundings of the other instruments: electric piano, clavesin, classical and pop organs, banjo. This portable, simple in control, inexpensive instrument has great musical possibilities. It can be successfully used in professional and amateur ensembles, at schools or at home.
  • Keyboard's volume - 4 octaves
  • Adjusted registers - 8', 4', 2'(1), 2'(2).
  • Adjusted effects - phase vibrato, attack, sustain, glissando.
  • Glissando shifts musical range on an octave down. Registers become: 16',8',4'(1), 4'(2). Variants of attack, sustain is used to get some interesting sounds such as electric piano, organ, clavecin, banjo, celesta.


The accuracy of temperament, %0,04
Mains voltage, V220
Dimensions, mm970X300X100
Weight, kg10

Manufacturer - The Kalmykov Moscow SAM factory.


Alesis Trigger I/O Trigger-to-MIDI/USB Interface

The electronic drums missing link. http://www.alesis.com

The Trigger|iO is the easiest way to connect electronic drum and cymbal pads or acoustic drum triggers to a wide range of MIDI sound sources. Use up to ten trigger inputs to play traditional MIDI devices like drum machines, sound modules and synthesizers, or connect the USB output directly to your computer to play software drum modules or lay down tracks in your favorite MIDI sequencer application. You can capture every nuance of your drumming performance into the MIDI world using the Trigger|iO.

Featuring both USB-MIDI and traditional DIN MIDI connectivity, you can use the Trigger|iO with a wide variety of gear. The inteface has ten TRS trigger inputs so you can use it with single or dual-zone pads and triggers, and even split the inputs with Y-cables for even larger custom setups. You can also use the Trigger|iO to expand the pad inputs of virtually and drum module from any manufacturer.

The Trigger|iO has a hi-hat control input that works with both continuous and switch-style hi-hat pedals so you can deliver all of the open-to-closed detail you’re used to on the hi-hat. It also has a footswitch input for controlling other parameters like changing kits with your foot.

You can create up to 20 setups and store them in the Trigger|iO's memory. Advanced customizable programming capabilities include sensitivity, MIDI-channel assignment, note number, crosstalk, velocity curve, threshold, retrigger time and pad type. The Trigger|iO works plug-and-play with Mac and PC, and is powered by its USB connection when working with a computer. You can also wall-power it when working with non-USB MIDI sound sources.

You can mount the Trigger|iO on virtually stand or rack using the optional E-Percussion Module Mount and integrate it cleanly into your drum set or percussion setup. The Trigger|iO comes with EZdrummer LITE software drum module from Toontrack. EZdrummer LITE has samples of real drum kits, a virtual mixer, and looping functions.

The Trigger|iO enables you to play virtually any MIDI software or hardware with your electronic drum kit.

  • Play virtually any software or hardware MIDI device with electronic drum triggers, pads, and cymbals
  • Ten TRS trigger inputs for use with single and dual-zone triggers
  • USB-MIDI and DIN MIDI Out for controlling software and hardware sound modules
  • Works as an input expander with virtually any drum module
  • Continuous Hi-Hat control pedal input; also works with switch/onoff pedals
  • Velocity sensitive for expressive control
  • Footswitch input for controlling Inc/Dec parameters
  • Create and store up to 20 setups
  • Works plug-and-play with Mac and PC – no software drivers needed
  • Powered by USB when working with a computer; AC adapter included for DIN MIDI operation
  • Mounts using E-Percussion Module Mount (sold separately) for integration into setups
  • Comes with Toontrack EZdrummer LITE software drum module with samples of real drum kits

  • Trigger|iO interface
  • USB cable
  • AC adapter
  • Software CD
  • Quick start guide

  • Trigger inputs: (10) TRS, velocity-sensitive 
  • Hi-Hat control: 1/4-inch (continuous or switch - on/off)
  • Footswitch: 1/4-inch TRS for up/down
  • MIDI: USB, MIDI OutUSB Computer Interface
  • Dimensions: 8.5 inch W x 5 inch D x 1.75 inch H
  • Weight: 1 lb, 15 oz

  • Live DocumentsType
    Product Overviewhtml
    Manuals & DocumentationSizeType
    Trigger|iO - Product Overview54 KBpdf
    Trigger|iO - QuickStart782 KBpdf
    Trigger|iO - Reference Manual3 MBpdf
    Trigger|iO - Information About Trigger Types
    A brief tutorial on various trigger types.
    118 KBpdf
    Trigger|iO - USB Pro Kit setup guide54 KBpdf
    Trigger|iO - Setting up BFD
    BFD (not included) is a popular software-based virtual drum instrument. This guide shows you how to set it up with your Trigger|iO.
    64 KBpdf
    Software & DriversSizeType
    Trigger|iO - SysEx drum kit preset update
    The drum kit presets in this update are identical to the original Trigger|iO presets, except that the first preset (‘kit 0’) has been optimized for improved response with the included BFD Lite software. Installation instructions and release notes are also included with the download.
    194 KBzip
    SR18 - Presets for use with the USB Pro Drum Kit
    This .zip file contains instructions and a MIDI sysex file to setup the SR18 Drum machine to work as an optimized sound module for the USB Pro Drum Kit.


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    Specifications Polyphony - Monophonic Oscillators - 2 VCOs Waveforms - Square Modulation - 2 Vibratos (one per oscillator) Filter - None Envelope - None Effects - Portamento Arpeg/Seq - None Keyboard - 25 keys Memory - None Control - Proprietary Pedal Board Socket Date Produced - 1972 - 1975

    Solaris Estradin - 314 Analog Organ String Machine, 1987

    Description: http://www.ruskeys.net

    EMI Solaris (Estradin - 314) is a polyphonic organ that has a clear sounding. Using this organ one can get both resonant and soft timbre. Number of keys is 49. There are 5 different registers 1', 2', 2 1/2', 4', 8'. There is a glissando function (a descent to 2 octaves lower - it is employed in stead of second manual).
    Brilliance is a function that increases the general brightness of sounding in all registers. It works independently of other tunings.

    •attack, decay, sustain, release.

    Vibrato functions modulate oscillations frequency of tone and envelope (timbre).

    •Pedal - Volume
    •output - line out

    An iron stand with the inscription "Estradin" was produced for the synthesizer. (Made in 1987)