Yamaha CP-30 Electronic Piano

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Despite their names, these were in no way related to Yamaha's classic CP-70 electric grand and its successors. However, they WERE better-than-average electronic pianos, if you wanted something that didn't sound like an electric or an acoustic. All featured selectable waveforms and adjustable decay for a wide range of possible sounds. The CP-30 and CP-35 also featured tuneable independent dual output channels. The CP-25 and CP-35 were later models with extra waveforms and effects. The CP range were among the first electronic pianos to feature weighted touch-sensitive keyboards. Good but VERY heavy. Used by Elton John, Christine McVie, Dr John and others. http://www.hallofelectricpianos.co.uk

Gem Jumbo Combo Organ, made in Italy

Similar to the "Model-P" above, with a red top and black bottom, but has reverse-colored keys, so its' even more like a Jaguar, plus the obligatory built-in amp and speakers, and screw-on legs. The top has a metal panel on the front, like a Jaguar, that says "Jumbo Gem" on the left, and has numbers (1-29) above all the natural keys, and a "+" above all the accidentals, and says "Transistor" on the right. The nameplate for this guy says "Model J". http://combo-organ.com


  • Tabs: Vibrato(Red), Bass Chords(White), Horns(Yellow), Strings(Blue), Reeds(Green), Flutes(Purple) 
  • Knob: Volume/Power


Proel APM215

Planet Waves Microphone Cable / Lead XLR - XLR 25 Foot 7.62M PW-AMSM-25

Тип: Микрофонный шнур "Classic Series"
Длина: 7.5 метров

  • Никелированные медные коннекторы устойчивы к коррозии и гарантируют надежное соединение;
  • Гибкая, литая муфта для возврата деформации;
  • Долговечный, с медной оплеткой экран обеспечивает защитное покрытие на 95%
Разъемы, тип: male XLR / female XLR
Цвет исполнения: черный
Длина, м: 7,62 (25 футов)

Yorkville PC6ISPH 6 FT 1/4" Stereo TO 2X1/4"280PLUG

Шнур коммутационный 1/4 TRS ( стерео джек) <=> 2 х 1/4 TS ( моно джек ).
Ультрагибкий кабель с улучшеной защитой от электромагнитных помех.
Металлические разъемы Neutrik.
Цвет: черный/ красный.
Длина 1.83 м.