Acoustic Solutions Profile 300 floor standing speakers, made in England

Used pair of Acoustic Solutions Profile 300 floor standing speakers.
Sticker on back of speakers says 90w continuous power 4-8 ohms as in photo.
They have a lovely rich bass and great clarity being a 3 way speaker.
They are a nice dark mahogany veneer with a fixed fabric mesh.

These are a 3 way design comprising of:
1 x 125mm (5inch) Woofer
1 x 65mm (2.5 inch) Mid
1 x 65mm (2.5 inch) Tweeter

They are 63cm tall, 25cm wide and 24cm deep. (Height 25", Depth 9.5", Width 10")

Designed and Engineered in England


Korg X-50 original case [hacky], made in China

Ensoniq TS-10/12 Owner's Manual

Apple A1296 Wireless Magic Mouse MB829ZM/A Multi-Touch mouse

The Very Hungry Mouses ;)

Resprom | Респром Усилительный комплекс (Болгария)

в состав входит:
- ЕМС 1121 (3 штуки / не хватает 7 насадок на резисторы)
- ЕМС 1131 (1 штука)
- ЕМС 1151 (1 штука)
- ЕМС 1711 (1 штука)
- ЕМС 1341 (1 штука / обломана насадка на фейдер)
- ЕМС 1331 (1 штука)
- ЕМС 1611 (1 штука)
- ЕМС 1232 (1 штука) рэковый эквалайзер


Unitra MDU-43, made in Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa

Formanta UDS | Форманта УДС

Formanta UDS has all identical parameters like the Rokton UDS drum set.

Electronic percussion instrument "Rokton UDS" (Formanta factory) consists of synthesizing block on the stand, 7 drum pads with velocity sensetivity on 3 stands and on holder for pedal of bass drum. There is a pedal to control high-hat and to turn synthesis on. There are also built in functions of autorhythm in synthesizing block with 16 programmed patterns (rock 1-4, rumba, samba, bassanova, begin, waltz, slow rock, swing, lezginka, march, disco, tango, 16 beat).


OLYMPUS MAFP-2NE Adapter SmartMedia 3,5"


B&W Bowers & Wilkins B&W DM110i Stereo Speakers, made in England

DM110i Stand-mount/Bookshelf loudspeaker system

Product Summary
  • The DM110i is a 2-way vented box standmount/bookshelf system with high power handling capacity.
  • Super sensitive, with high acoustical output yet affordable.
Technical highlights
  • Modal analysis techniques revealed a simple bonding technique of corner joints could improve rigidity and reduce coloration.
  • New thinking on crossover design has also led to the provision of higher safe power handling and fuse protection overload.
  • The driver chassis have non-magnetised castings for all the bass midrange units ensuring resonant free high-level sound of the highest amplitude.

  • Drive Units:

  1. 1 x 26 mm high-frequency driver with dome/coil construction of special polymide material
  2. 1 x 200 mm nominal piston dia and 26 mm high temperature voice coil with critically impregnated composite short fibre cone

  • Frequency Response: 70 – 20,000 Hz, ±3 dB
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB (2.83V/1m)
  • Power Handling: 10W – 75W
  • Dimensions(W x H x D): 260 x 490 x 250 mm
  • Finish: American Walnut or Black Ash vinyl


Music Man RD series (112RD-50 ??) + Celestion G12S-50


Mackie Onyx 1620 + Onyx FireWire I/O Card

Mackie Onyx 1620

Onyx FireWire I/O Card


Doepfer, MFB modul's

DIY 9 U Case , assembled with love and good-looking, not real wood , with power supply , so ready to play. Mitdabei the following modules: A-155 , A- 145, A-110 , A-101 -2, A -140 , A- 138 , A- 131, A-180 , DIY Multiple connectors 12 connected to in each case 3 to each other. A MFB SEQ -01 and a self-made based on Doepfer DIY , say Synth Voice , consisting of 1 VCO , 1 VCF , 1 VCA , 1 ADSR , 1 LFO , 1 Slew Limiter , 1 inverter . 10 x15 cm yellow wire, 10 x black wire 10x30cm , 2 x 50 cm orange cable , 1 cable 6.3 to 3.5mm mono jack to the mixer.
All modules , except for the A- 155 and the MFB are about 2 months old and with bills , even with the DIY module with 22 months warranty from DOEPFER on the board. All modules come with matching cables and enough screws. Put a few extra screws.

Pioneer EFX 500R (Red) Dj Effector

The red-hot new look of Pioneer's ever-popular EFX-500 effects unit ensures that DJs will stand out from the crowd on two fronts – visually and aurally. The limited edition EFX-500-R is finished in a metallic red colour that adds extra visual flair to a set-up, while the unit's unrivalled digital technology delivers a range of sounds that any dynamic DJ can use to create the most challenging mixes.

User manual01/06/2005German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch1849 KBDownload

User manual01/03/2008Russian                                                                     15669 KBDownload


Siel LX.61 Analog Keybord whith Beatbox