Fisher STE-C5 (OTTO SX-C20M)

Младшая модель в легендарной линейке с динамиками на металлических дифузорах.
Но младшая скорее по размерам, т.к. по звуку очень серьёзная АС. Конструктив - закрытый ящик.
Грилей нет. Есть потёртости на корпусе. Динамики и кроссоверы оригинальные без вмешательств и ремонтов.
Мягкий тканевый подвес на НЧ.

СЧ/НЧ - 8" (20 см), конус из карбон-металла на тканевом подвесе.
ВЧ/СЧ - 1,25" (3,175 см), жёсткий алюминиевый купол.
Частотный диапазон - честные 50Гц-20кГц (бас для АС такого размера - шикарный).
Чувствительность - 91dB SPL 1м/1Вт.
Максимальная RMS мощность - 50 Ватт.
Пиковая музыкальная мощность - 100 Ватт.
Сопротивление - 6 Ом.
Размеры - 38 x 24 x 26 см.
Грилей нет.


TANNOY Mercury M20 2 ways, 2 speaker bass-reflex scheme, and a bookshelf type

Method 2 ways, 2 speaker bass-reflex scheme, and a bookshelf type
Use unit For low-pass: 20cm cone type (2068G)
High-frequency: 2.5cm dome (0218)
Frequency characteristic 55Hz ~ 20kHz ± 3dB
Third harmonic distortion Less than 1% (90dBSPL)
Output sound pressure level 90dB / W / m
Permissible input 100W (1kHz peak)
Nominal impedance 8Ω
Crossover frequency 3kHz
Enclosure volume 19L
External dimensions 480 × depth 225mm height width 265 ×
Weight 5.5kg

Отличное состояние.
Чуть-чуть подмят один уголок сзади (см. фото ниже с отметкой).
Соседние серийные номера.


Hitachi HA-270 Stereo Amplifier, 1978, made in Japan

Link: radiomuseum

Country:  Japan
Manufacturer / Brand:  Hitachi Ltd.; Tokyo
alternative name  Hitachi Sales Corp. of America
Year: 1978
Category: Audio Amplifier or -mixer
Semiconductors (the count is only for transistors) 20:
Reception principle Audio-Amplification
Wave bands - without
Details Hi-Fi equipment
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 120; 220; 240 Volt
Loudspeaker - This model requires external speaker(s).
Power out 70 W (unknown quality)
Model: Stereo Amplifier HA-270 - Hitachi Ltd.; Tokyo
Material Metal case
Shape Tablemodel with Push Buttons.
Dimensions (WHD) 390 x 143 x 330 mm / 15.4 x 5.6 x 13 inch
  • HiFi stereo amplifier 2 x 35W sinus.
  • Frequency response 20 ... 20000 Hz, connections for Phono 2,5 milliohms at 45 ohms, tape 1, tape 2, aux, tuner.
  • Type of housing in black or silver. 
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 7.8 kg / 17 lb 2.9 oz (17.181 lb)
Source of data -- Original-techn. papers.
Mentioned in - - Manufacturers Literature (Service Manual - No. 146)

Toshiba AUREX XR-Z70 compact disc digital audio player


  • - 6 колонок активных MACKIE SRM 450 V2 со стойками
  • - 3 верха и 3 баса QUBE
  • Alesis 3630 Compressor шт. 1
  • Lexicon Reflex midi reveb шт. 1
  • Behringer Autocom MDX1000 шт.1
  • DOD DA Monitor processor 410 series2 шт. 4 (на одном потеряна насадка на резистор)
  • APHEX 105 Logic assisted Gate шт. 1
  • DBX DDP Digital Dynamics Processor
  • DBX Expander Gate 274 шт. 1
  • DBX Compressor / Limiter 262 шт. 1
  • DBX Compressor / Gate шт. 2
  • DBX 1074 Quad Gate шт. 1
  • DBX 1066 Compressor limiter Gate шт. 3
  • DBX 1231 Graphic Equalizer шт. 3
  • BSS FCS 966 oPal contact graphic EG шт. 6
  • Sennheiser net1 network system
  • BSS MSR 604 Splitter System (the MSR-602 II is the power supply for the MSR-604 II and will run 5 MSR-604 II units) IN CASE!
  • Proel SPI4CH 4ch passive splitter шт. 3
  • Samson s-3-way stereo/mono crossover
  • Yamaha Digital Rewerb Rev 500 шт. 1
  • Yamaha SPX990 шт. 1
  • SCV EQ Model 128 шт. 2
  • Tascam MD-350
  • Tascam CD-RW900SL шт. 1
  • Tascam CD 014 шт. 1
  • Tascam HD 350 шт. 1
  • Мультикоры 250-300 кг

TEQ-Varioprojector Model V5 (Isophon, Germany)

3-Way HiFi Speaker System
Frequency Response 30-20000 Hz
Power handling:

  • continuous RMS sine wave 70 watt
  • peak music power 90 watt
Impedance 8 Ohms
Crossover frequencies 1300/5000 Hz
Volume of bass enclosure 33 litres
Manufactured for Teq-Varioprojector in Western Germany
height 46cm x width 30 cm x depth 26 cm


Akai AM-2350 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Service Manual [PDF]


  • Power type and voltage: Alternating Current supply (AC) / 240 Volt
  • Loudspeaker: - This model requires external speaker(s).
  • Power out: 70 W (undistorted)
  • Dimensions (WHD): 380 x 123 x 241 mm / 15 x 4.8 x 9.5 inch
  • Notes Power output: 35 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo).Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω.
  • Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg): 7.1 kg / 15 lb 10.2 oz (15.639 lb)

Technics SU-7100 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

  • Manufacturer: Technics
  • Model: SU-7100
  • Year of construction: 1978 to
  • Manufactured in:
  • Color: brown
  • Type: Analog
  • Remote Control: No
  • Power consumption: 340 W
  • Dimensions: 410 x 139 x 334 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 6.6 kg
  • Original price ca .:


Native Instruments Kore 2 Hardware Controller & Software Host For Instruments & Effects

Yamaha EM-60 Ensemble Mixer 6-Channel Power Amplifier, 1972-75, made in Japan

It was the first Yamaha mixer amplifier. Each channel switchable Guitar Microphone or Line input. Built-440Hz and tuning. Per channel 2 band graphic equalizer. Line headphone output.

Crystal clear dynamic sound.
Release Year: 1972?-1977
8 Ohm

Doepfer Pocket Dial MIDI Control Box with 16 Rotary Encoders

List of compatible devices and programs

POCKET DIAL is a MIDI control box with 16 endless rotary encoders - in contrast to POCKET CONTROL that is equipped with 16 rotary potentiometers. This enables a jump-less change of parameters - provided that the device or software controlled by POCKET DIAL features data feedback of the new starting data after a preset change as POCKET DIAL needs the starting values of theparameters of the new preset. Another possibility is the increment/decrement control of the parameters in question. In this case the POCKET DIAL does not "know" the absolute values of the parameters but transmits only inc/dec data to the device/software. Only devices that features the data feedback or inc/dec control should be controlled by POCKET DIAL. If you need more details about this item please click here. For other devices we recommendPOCKET CONTROL or POCKET FADER.

Hohner String Performer - String Machine, 1977

This german early eighties string keyboard was one of the last variations on building a string ensemble keyboard with or without some extras added.

This one features:
as full polyphonic sound sources. Addtionally a bass sound can be activated for the lower two octaves. The keyboard is split in two plus three octaves. And each half can get a unique combinations of the above named sounds.

At the right hand of the keyboard you can switch on one of the five avialble monophonic synth sound presets:
  • BASS
  • OCTAVE (transposes all the sounds named before one octave down)
And finally the single board of the monophonic synth.
The coloured trimmers are variable capacitors. They might ajust the filter presets of each synth preset sound.
The synth is very pitch stable btw. But you may have to adjust the course pitch with the trimmer pot on the left. The right hand trimmer adjusts the vibrato frequency.

The volume of the mono synth section is usually way higher then the rest of the keyboard.

In the back there are the following sockets (left to right):
  • GENERAL out (= main out)
  • BASS out
  • STRINGS out
  • PIANO/CLAVINET/ SOLO (= mono synth) out
  • FOOTSWELL pedal in
  • MAINS in (the 110V versions appear to have an external power supply)
The ON/OFF switch is next to the mains in.