Wersi MIDI Expander EX-10R

Wersi Entertainer, 1979, made in Germany

The organ is (120cm long) well preserved and has a rhythmic instrument with automatic accompaniment (autochord function), a built-in power supply as well as a built-in loudspeaker with 10 watt power.

Horn 16, tibia16, tibia 8, clarinet8, perc 8,

March, samba, slowrock, waltzer, beat, swing

Encoder for:
Volume, balance, volume, rhythm, tempo

Autochord, and vibrato functions are still available.

First Example:

Akai ME25S Midi Programmable Note Separator

Akai XE-8 + SL801R dry set + SL804R UK Tight Set

The Akai XE8 is a rack mount Programmable Sample SOund Module/MIDI Drum Expander. For Drum Sequencers, Synthesizers, MIDI Sequencers and MIDI Master Keyboards. The XE8 is a rhythm sound source with 16 basic internal sounds and 2x32 external sounds through external cards 1/2. The XE8 can also store up to 32 programs of diverse parameters so that subtle sound nuances can be expressed. Each sound can be processed by changing the parameters of the sample sound. Not only can you playthose sounds separately, but you can play as many as eight sounds with one key note by setting the sounds to that MIDI key note. There are 8 separate outputs on the back.
Extra sound card 1 - SL801R 'Dry Set' 
Extra sound card 1 - SL804R 'UK Tight Set' 

Akai AR 900 + Akai AR 900T midi digital reverb, 1986-1989, made in Japan

The Akai Professional AR900 is a stereo 16-bit MIDI digital reverb, that could also be controlled by the optional AR900T remote control. It belongs to the "Akai White Series", a family of musical products launched in the last part of the 1980s. It was produced between 1986 and 1989.
According to Akai Professional's official 1988-89 Musical Instruments catalog: "The AR900 is a high quality 16-bit digital reverb with 20 preset reverb programs. Numerous variations may be created by adjusting the pre delay and the reverb time settings on the front panel. These variations can then be stored in any ofnthe 79 user memories for a total of 99 programs including the 20 presets. Programs may be selected by MIDI, a foot switch, or the infrared remote control accessory. A dual 7-band programmable graphic EQ can be used independently or in conjunction with the digital reverb to enhance the reverb sounds. The AR900 with its wide selection of useful programs has numerous application in both the studio and on stage."
  • 8 program algorithms, 12 factory variations provide a selection of simulated ambient environments
  • Independent dual 7-band graphic equalizer (100 Hz, 300 Hz, 600 Hz, 1.5 kHz, 3 kHz, 6 kHz, 10 kHz)
  • Sampling resolution and frequency: 16 bit PCM, 39.0625 kHz
  • Pre delay time: 0.01-210 msec.
  • Reverb time: 1-16 sec.
  • Equalizer section: 7-band 2-channel graphic equalizer. ±12db
  • Frequency response-Dry: 20 Hz~25 kHz, ±3db
  • Frequency response-Effect: 30 Hz~16 kHz, ±2db
  • Connectors: LOOP SEND x2, LOOP RECEIVE x2, REV IN x2, EQ OUT x2
  • Programs: Standard: 1~8; Factory variations: 9~20; User memories: 21~99
  • Dimensions: 482.6(W) x 47.7(H) x 300(D)mm (EIA 1U rackmount)
  • Weight: 4 kg
According to an article from the French version of Keyboard magazine of September 1989: The AR900 offers a realtime stereo Spectrum Analyzer. An extension of the EQ tool, the analyzer's frequencies are represented graphically on the LCD, with each dot having a precision of 3db, when used in stereo, and 1.5db when used one channel at a time.
4 parameters can be edited for change the settings : Pre-Delay, Rev.Time, HF Damp. and LF Cutoff (under 100 Hz).
The device responds to SySex and the function DUMP can be used to Save or Load, 1 or All programs.

Orla DSE-12 Dynamic sound expander

User Manual Orla DSE-9 | DSE-12 | DSE-24


The Dse 12-24 serie is a one unit rackount all made of metal, deep and quite heavy with an essential (let's say ugly) design.
The frontal panel features 15 squared push buttons, one knob for volume gain and a simple LCD digit display. Edit functions are printed above the rack, since the LCD won't help you much in this task: just choose the parameter from the list, and hit it with numeric buttons.
Behind the rack there are these connections: Master out stereo, Footswitch Up/down for patch increase or decrease and Midi I/O- The Ac is a standard VDE connector. 
There are two rack versions one dark grey and another light gray, but they are exactly the same, tought I suppose the OS are different. Below a picture of the german version.

Orla Prestige

Hohner Bolero

Revox Lautsprecher BR-320 HiFi Boxen

Abmessungen H × B × T (mit Abdeckung)480 × 265 × 250(275) mm
Bruttovolumen31,8 l
Gewichtca. 7 kg (pro Box)
Prinzip2-Wege, Bassreflex
1 × 175 mm Konus
1 × 59 mm
Hochtöner1 × 25 mm Kalotte
Empf. Verstärkerleistung
bei Nennimpedanz 4 Ohm
20-100 W / Kanal
Trennfrequenz der Weiche3.200 Hz
Empfindlichkeit89 dB bei 2.8 V und 1 m

Übertragungsbereich44 ··· 23.000 Hz
Nenn -/ Impulsbelastbarkeit50 / 70 W

Revox Lautsprecher BR-430

3-х полосная акустика от Revox из 80-х.
340х560х314мм,, 100вт, 91db, 30-25000гц, 4 ohm.
Антирезонансное покрытие корпуса колонок

100 Watt
3 Wege
H:56 B:34 T:32cm

Test Columns PDF

Electro-Voice Link 6

Frequency response: 25-25000 Hz
Music Power: 80 Watt
Impedance: 8 Ohms

first example

Revox Studio 3

frequency response: ?? Hz

Music Power: 70 Watt
Nominal Power: 50 Watt
Impedance: 4 Ohms

serial number: 001707 & 001708