Telefunken L-61, made in West-Germany

Range of frequency: 40...20,000 Hz.
Impendance: 4 Ohm
Power: 15/40 Wat
Dimensions: 27х47х19,5 cm. (ШхВхГ)
Weight: 7 kg / pcs.
made in West-Germany

НЧ 17 см
ВЧ 7,5x13

hifiengine - Telefunken Catalogue

Telefunken TL-600, made in West-Germany

Range of frequency: 40...20,000 Hz.
Impendance: 4 Ohm
Power: 40/55 Wat
Dimensions: 33х46х14 cm. (ШхВхГ)
Weight: 8 kg / pcs.
made in West-Germany

НЧ 20 см (20,4)
СЧ (Philips) 13 см (11)
ВЧ (Isophone) 2,5 см (2,8)

Mordaunt-Short Festival 3, 1982, made in England

Edited from a new product announcement in The january 1982 issue of Gramophone magazine:

Mordaunt-Short Ltd., Durford Mill, Petersfield, Hampshire GU3 I 5AZ have launched a range of new versions of their popular loudspeakers. The Carnival 3, Festival 3 and Pageant 3 all employ the company's own DSB208 bass/mid-range driver, with the benefit of a slight increase in internal volume and a change of width-versus-depth ratio to reduce colouration effects. A fabric finish offers some economy over wood veneers with no sacrifice either in performance or appearance. The Festival 3 (£197.80) is a 520 x 255 x 220 mm, two-way reflex with 25mm dome tweeter. seventiesstereo

These sound very promising so far.

Manufacturer: Mordaunt-Short
Model: Festival 3
Year of construction: 1982
Made in England
Color: ...
Dimensions: 520 x 255 x 220 mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 2x? kg

Technical specifications
Design: two-way reflex
Woofer: 1x ?? mm
Tweeter: 1x 25 mm

Endurance (nominal / Musikb.): ??? W
Frequency response: ??? Hz
Transition regions:
Impedance: 8 Ohm

Saba hi-fi Box 830F 3-way closed system 1969-1971, made in Western Germany


Manufacturer: SABA
Model: 830F (
«F» означает, что это именно настенная версия расположения АС)

Year of construction: 1970 - 1971
Made in Germany
Color: natural walnut, matt white
Dimensions: 540 x 300 x 260 mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 2x11.3 kg

Technical specifications
Design: 3-way closed system

  • Woofer: 1x 200mm
  • Midrange: 1x 150x220 mm
  • Tweeter: 1x 110mm
Endurance (nominal / Musikb.): 25/35 W
Frequency response: 40 - 20,000 Hz
Transition regions:
Impedance: 4 Ohm

Hitachi HS-m2 MK 2 (MK ii), made in Japan [Hitachi ACT -M2]

Speaker System: Mod. # HS-2 MK ii
Impedance: 4Ohms
Rates Power: 30W
Music Power: 50W
Speaker: Tweeter 5cm, Woofer 12cm
Dimensions: 295 (height) x 145 (width) x 160 mm (depth)
Hitachi, ltd. Made In Japan

Toshiba SB-404 (+ Toshiba HR-40X Stereo Phones) Four Channel PRE/MAIN Stereo Amplifier With Matrix Decoder, 1973-1974​, made in Japan

4-channel Integrated Amplifier which carries a four-channel decoder.

SB-404 in is equipped with a QM system decoder unit (part of the catalog had been described as RM system in place of the QM system)
In addition, SB-404S is equipped with SQ decoder as a top model.

It is equipped with a separate pre-main circuit, it can be used as a 4-channel system as it is a discrete method When you connect a 4-channel deck. It can also correspond to the CD-4 system by connecting di modulator a (SY-504).

Pre-main circuit has become a four-system independent configuration.
The transistor in the circuit I am using the Toshiba ultra-low-noise transistor 2SC1000. It has its own due to the PCT process (Perfect Crystal device of Technology), as compared to the conventional low-noise type excellent that one-third in 1 / 2,10kHz at 100Hz characteristics.
In SB-404S uses the 27 pieces of 2SC1000 in all circuit total.

It has a built-in equalizer circuit of condenser cartridge only.
This you can use the Toshiba record player SR-80C and electret type condenser cartridge C-401S series.

The power amplifier circuit I has adopted the whole page hardwired-connection OCL type of IC power pack.
It is to prevent the deterioration of the characteristics due to the coupling capacitor by all each stage direct connection type, and has improved the frequency characteristics and distortion characteristics.

When 2-channel playback is enabled the BTL connection, you can output up by the use of four of the power amplifier.

Усилитель построен на базе 4 x Toshiba Power Pack TH9015S