Behringer GMX1200H V-Tone

Product Features:

  • Powerful 2 x 60-Watt guitar workstation with authentic V-TONE Analog Modeling
  • 2 Loudspeaker outputs for true stereo operation
  • Authentic V-TONE Analog Modeling for 3 classic guitar amps, 3 speaker simulation models plus 3 gain modes—27 modeled sounds individually selectable per channel
  • 2 independent, full-featured modeling channels offering everything you need from clean to crunch to super-fat distortion sounds
  • FXT—ultra-flexible FX Tracking allows independent effects settings on each channel
  • DYNAMIZER circuitry captures every nuance of your playing and lends tube-like compression to your tone
  • 24-bit stereo multi-effects processor with world-class effects such as chorus, flanging, phasing, rotary, auto-wah, echo, delay, compressor and various effect combinations with 99 user presets and MIDI control
  • Integrated auto-chromatic tuner controllable via footswitch
  • Additional headphone output with integrated speaker simulation
  • Adjustable Aux and dedicated Tape input for playback or other line-level signals (e.g. CD player, drum computer)
  • Stereo Tape and Line outputs with speaker simulation for direct recording and live applications
  • Insert facility for external effects devices (rack effects, stomp boxes, wah-wah pedals, etc.)
  • Dual footswitch FS112 for channel selection, effect bypass and tuner activation included
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

Roland TR-505 Rhythm Composer

First Example:

RFT Gefell PM 750, made in Germany

as is / broken - NO CAPSULE

Dbx 166xs Compressor / Limiter / Gate

Adding a dbx® 166xs Compressor/Limiter/Gate to your live sound rig or studio gives you more dynamic control to help create a more polished, professional sound. Having compression in your audio chain gives you the ability to smooth out uneven levels, add sustain to guitars and fatten up your drums. It also makes it easy to bring vocals to the front of your mix - adding greater clarity and making them stand out from the surrounding instruments. To protect your expensive amps and speakers the PeakStop® limiter provides an absolute ceiling for peak excursions or large transients that could damage your equipment.

dbx knows compressors...after all we invented them! The 166xs is the latest in a long line of the world's most successful compressors from the inventors of the technology. Its patented Overeasy® compression technology provides smooth and musical performance while the AutoDynamic™ attack and release controls, found only on dbx compressors, puts great sound within easy reach. The 166xs can operate in stereo or dual-mono modes, has true RMS power summing and features quality XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs and outputs. It cuts no corners on visual feedback with gain reduction metering and easy-to-read backlit switches.


MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus

The MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus offers all of the functionality of the MIDI Solutions Event Processor, with 32 settings instead of the Event Processor's 10, and 8 variable storage locations instead of the Event Processor's 2. Each of the Event Processor Plus's 32 settings can be programmed with a unique MIDI processing function. By combining these settings the Event Processor Plus becomes an extremely powerful tool capable of processing MIDI events in almost any way imaginable. You can map MIDI events or ranges of MIDI events to other MIDI events, filter MIDI events or ranges of MIDI events, trigger MIDI events, toggle between MIDI events, sequence through MIDI events, scale or crossfade MIDI messages, transpose notes, scale velocities, map to and from System Exclusive, NRPNBank Select messages, store incoming values in variables for later use... the Event Processor is like a swiss army knife of MIDI processing products, an indispensable tool in any MIDI musician's arsenal.

Oberheim Viscount OB3 2 squared Tonewheel Organ Module

In 1995, Oberheim released the OB3, a little-known drawbar organ module, subsequently eclipsed by Hammond and Roland's advanced electronic tonewheel organ emulations. Now Oberheim have teamed up with Italian organ specialists Viscount to produce the enhanced OB32. NICK MAGNUS squares the difference...

The Oberheim OB3 squared (OB32) follows hot on the heels of the Hammond XM1/XMc1 (reviewed SOS May 97) in a bid to satisfy those looking for the famous vintage tonewheel organ sound in a rackmounting format. Both the XM1 and the OB32, unlike the standard 19-inch rack modules to which we are by now all accustomed, offer the benefit of physical, hardware drawbars that can be manipulated in real time whilst playing, or used to create various registrations to store within user memories. The principal differences between the Oberheim and the Hammond are twofold:
(1) Whereas the Hammond XM comes as two separate items (the sound module and a remote drawbar unit), the Oberheim takes an all-in-one approach; it's a single unit resembling the sawn-off left-hand control panel of a keyboard-based organ, such as a Hammond XB2, Korg CX3, or Roland VK7.
(2) The Hammond offers extensive editing of many parameters, while the Oberheim offers 'take-it-as-it-comes' features -- parameters available for editing are kept to a minimum. If that sounds disparaging, it is not meant to be -- a real Hammond organ has no means of customising certain features, and as such the design of the OB3can be regarded as more faithful to the original Hammond.
The OB32 is in fact Oberheim's second product of this type -- as the name OB32 suggests, there was a previous model called the OB3 (released late 1995, reviewed SOS March 1996.) The newer OB32 offers significantly improved functionality, and dramatically improved sound. The panel legending displays the words 'Viscount joint venture' so it doesn't take much to deduce that Oberheim sought Viscount's not inconsiderable organ-building experience to assist in the voicing of the OB32.


Apple Mac mini M9686LL/A PowerMac10,1 A1103 2026

Download: PDF Manual

Apple Mac mini G4The Apple Mac mini G4/1.25 features a 1.25 GHz PowerPC 7447a (G4) processor with the AltiVec "Velocity Engine" vector processing unit and a 512k on-chip level 2 cache, 256 MB of 333 MHz PC2700 DDR SDRAM memory (512 MB after July 26, 2005), a 40.0 GB Ultra ATA/100 hard drive, a slot-loading 8X DVD/CD-RW "Combo" Drive (4X DVD±RW/CD-RW "SuperDrive" optional), and an ATI Radeon 9200 graphics processor (4X AGP) with 32 MB of DDR SDRAM.

Connectivity includes DVI (DVI-to-VGA adapter included), USB 2.0, FireWire, and a headphone/line out jack, as well as support for AirPort Extreme (802.11g) and Bluetooth with optional upgrades.

The internal components are cleverly enclosed in a tiny and elegant 2.9 lb, 6.5 inch square, two inch tall "cuboid" case with an external power supply. The Mac mini shipped without a display, keyboard, or mouse, but numerous Apple and third-party options were available.

Fisher CA-3030 LW/MW/FM Stereo Receiver Studio Standard 70's


The Fisher RS-3030 comes from a series of high fidelity components utilizing the international chassis standards from EIA.
In design and technology, the RS-3030 is perfectly matched for combination with other machines in Fisher's slimline series.
The graphic equalizer EQ-3000 is a useful addition for exacting tone control with this receiver.
The tuner section of the RS-3030 is equipped with station pre-set selectors for ease of tuning. Five separate broadcast frequencies can be selected for recall at the push of a button. The selected broadcast is shown by the illumination of an LED and the approximate frequency is shown on the frequency meter. By selecting a sixth button, the unit is switched over to manual tuning mode.
As is the case with the tuner section, very high standards are achieved in the areas of power reserves, reproduction quality and reliability of the amplifier section.
The phono section is constructed to match perfectly with turntables with magnetic cartridges.


Tuning range: FM, MW, LW
Power output: 35 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.05%
Damping factor: 50
Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line)
Signal to noise ratio: 65dB (MM), 85dB (line)
Output: 150mV (line), 4mV (DIN)
Dimensions: 440 x 135 x 334mm
Weight: 9.8kg


Symetrix SymNet 8x8 DSP

Symetrix SymNet 8x8 DSP - 64-канальный расширитель SymLink на 8 входов и 8 выходов. Применение: Храмы, стадионы, залы заседаний, гостиницы, конференц-залы, ночные клубы.

Ashdown Five Fifteen Bass Combo Amplifier (100 Watts, 1x15 in.)

Output Power: 100 Watts RMS
Input Impedance: 1M Ohm
Input Signal Range: 100mV to 10V
Height: 464mm (18.3 in.)
Width: 464mm (18.3 in.)
Depth: 383mm (15 in.)
Weight: 22kg (48.4lbs)

User Manual [PDF]