Alesis AirFX

Manuals & DocumentationSizeType
airFX - Reference Manual507 KBpdf
airFX - Program Chart24 KBpdf


Special FX1FiltersFlange/PhaseSpecial FX2
0 Pitch Out10 Telephone20 Tokyo Phase30 Strobe Gate
1 Lord of the flies11 Big Bottom21 Phasor on Stun31 Nervous
2 Vinylizer12 Snake Bite22 Liquid Metal32 Psychic Pan
3 Perculator13 Bow Wow23 Spin Cycle33 Kung – FU Panner
4 Frankensteins Lab14 Smok24 Psychofaze34 Stop it!
5 Overdrive15 Auto Wah25 Autofaze35 Freq it!
6 Kenneth’s Frequency16 Formented26 Ghostflange36 Pitch Transporter
7 Horror Show17 Streetsweeper27 Satelite37 Gender Bender
8 Decimator18 Orlyfilter28 Fazed Out38 Waterbed
9 Sun Spot19 Killswitch29 Forever Falnge39 Spin the Bottle
   40 Centrifuge
   41 Bottom Feeder