Opus by Rmif | Опус


"Opus" (Riga musical instruments factory)
This keyboard polyphonic EMI can be used for playing compositions of different genres. Keyboard includes 60 keys and the sounding range is 5 octaves.
There is a possibility to change 2 lower octaves to play a composition by separate timbre with extending sounding on 1 octave down & it's also possible to transpose the whole pitch a fifth down.
The instrument consists of 4 sections: piano, that synthesizes piano's soundings of 3 timbres, string organ, that plays organ's sounding with soft attack and with the possibility to control release, with the pereodically repeated beat-fading sounds. There is a bass section, that is controlled by 2 lower octaves, that contain three 8' and two 16' registers. It plays sounding of the bass drum.


Number of keys60
Main sectionselectropiano and strings electroorgan
Extra built-in devicesuniversal filter ("ring-modulator","chorus"), tunning control, bass section
Extra effectsseparatly from every tremolo section, vibrato with delay, "repeat', combined filter control, sounding of bass drum.
pedal regulators3 (for replaced volume control and filter's tuning, pedal)
the outlet voltage500mV/10kOm (in the extra outlet 50mV/10kOm)
there is a possibility to connect up with headphones
Mains voltage220V, 50Hz
power consumption, Wmax 35
dimensions (when it's packed), mmmax 1005x500x210
Weight, kgmax 40