Polivox №3

Description: http://ruskeys.net

Polivoks is the portable electronic musical synthesizer which is designed for playing different musical compositions of any genre. It is also intended for creating some musical effects in cinema and play scoring, in studio. 

There are 4 octaves on the keyboard. The inclined desk is divided into the following functional sections: Modulator, Generator #1, Generator #2, Mixer and Amplifier. They give one a possibility to synthesize a broad spectrum of sounds and to change sounding at any time. 

There are 3 internal audible signal sources in the instrument: to broad-ranged of the Generators with changed form of oscillations and a noise generator for creating a non-musical sounds such as wind, surf, whine, etc. 

Possibility to connect an external audible signal sources to the synthesizer is provided for (e.g. guitars, electropianos and electroorgans). Sounds of different external sources are combined separatly in the mixer in any ratio. There is a filter in the synthesizer with cutoff frequency control and resonance to change colour of timbre of audilble signal over a wide range. 

Engineer: Vladimir Kuzmin, designer: Olympiada Kuzmina, hardware engineer: Yuriy Pheophilov, produced by Urals Vector Company.


Mains voltage of alternating current, V220
Power consumption, Wmax 10
A range of operating temperature, C-10 / +35
Relative generator drift over 4 hours continuous work is within, %max +/- 05
Total musical range overlaped by main generators, Hz21,8 (F of subcontra octave), + 5274 Hz (E of fifth octave)
Tuning range of the main generators, %min +/- 12 (+/- 1 tone)
Detuning range of the second generator, %min +/- 25 (+/- 2 tone)
Frequency change range of the cutoff frequency of the filter, Hzmin 100 + 10000
Dynamic range of the synthesizer, dBmin 60
Inlet voltage of the synthesizer in a load 10 kOm
Low output voltage, V0,025
High output voltage, V0,25
Dimensions of the synthesizer, mm780х490х195
Dimensions of the pedal, mm273х93х52
Weight, kg< 20