Tape delay, unknown manufacturer and model. Supposedly made in Poland

Tape delay, unknown manufacturer and model. Supposedly made in Poland.
Bought on eBay in April of 2014, seller resided in Lodz, Poland.

Research on the internet have returned nothing about manufacturer. On the front plate it's printed "eMs" in bold, black letters and further to the right, "fix" in yellow cursive script followed by the symbol "®".
Also there's no indication of country of manufacture other than the sellers claim it's Poland and the fact that most of the internal components are known brands from Poland. Identified components are:
- Power transformer: ZATRA
- Motor: TONSIL (model: SAZ-05A)
- Capacitors: ELWA (Poland), MIFLEX (Poland), DUCATI (Italy), FECON (???)

Basically I'd like to get whatever info anyone has got on this unit, but mainly I'm interested in:
- A confirmation that it actually is polish,
- Any info on the manufacturer.
- Approximate time of manufacture.
- Schematics would be interesting, but my hopes are low here.

Any info can be sent to dusa@akultur.org

Front controls:
  • VOLUME 1 / 2 - Level of the two inputs , with individual controls for bass and treble.
  • RECORD - Signal level to tape.
  • VU - Meter indicating signal level to tape.
  • ECHO - Amount of delayed signal fed back on to tape.
  • VOLUME 2 - Level of return signal from tape.
  • STOP - Switches off signal from tape.
  • TIMES 1 / 2 / 3 - Chooses individual playback head (1 or 2), or a combination of both (3).
  • POWER - Turning the unit on / off.