Omnitronic LH-085 Cable tester

Also of vital importance for any technician: cable testers. Everybody who has already been trying to find a damaged cable in a strongly branched DMX universe does not want to renounce such an assistant – at the latest after having looked for the failure with a ladder some meters above ground or when the roof of a trussing had to be lowered again to check the cables. Time loss due to the search is not necessary and uneconomical. That is why Omnitronic has two testers in its program. With plugs for XLR, RCA, jack, five pole DIN (MIDI) as well as four pole speaker cables, the LH-085 is the basic version. It also shows banana sockets for testing the diodes (continuity via LED display and signal sound). Due to the LED display of all contacts, not only disruptions of the signal way can be detected. Short circuits and phase rotations can be recognized, too.
The bigger brother of the LH-085 is the LH-086. In addition, it offers plugs for mini jack, five pole XLRs, eight pole speaker leads and CAT5 cable. It is the yellow version, called LH-088, where CAT5 plugs are replaced by Mini- DIN 4 (S-Video).