HL Audio Limited Phoenix 77 serial # 436, 1972, made in England

Link: revamphifi

The New Phoenix 77 is a beautiful Stereo Amplifier, with sleek, stream-lined black perspex and brushed aluminium facia panel. Its good looks plus quality construction and advanced specification make the Phoenix 77 the most outstanding amplifier value obtainable today.
Power output 2x I0 watts into 8 ohms.
Frequency response 40-20,000Hz±3dB.
Hum and noise level -55dB at 5 watts.
Bass control-boost and cut I 5dB @ 100Hz.
Treble control-boost and cut 15dB @ 1,000Hz reference 0dB @ 1,000Hz.
Controls: Mono/Stereo switch, Selector switch, Disc/ Radio/Tape, Volume control, On/Off, Balance, Bass, Treble, Scratch filter.
DIN sockets for Magnetic and Ceramic P.U., Radio, Tape, In:Out Loudspeaker, Switched Stereo Headphones.
Serial # 436

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  • 2 x TFK AD 162 (29) Germanium Transistor radiomuseum
  • 2 x TFK AD 161 (29) Germanium Transistor radiomuseum

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