Rocktron RSP Technologies Intelliverb 24-Bit Virtual Room Processor (w/psu), made in USA

This Rocktron RSP Technologies Intelliverb 24-Bit Virtual Room Processor (w/psu) is in very good working and playing condition and has been fully tested by our pro audio shop. wurlitzerboston

The unit shows normal signs of wear from use and rack mounting. The rack ear corners are slightly bent (refer to photos) and the level control switch button is missing although the control can still be pushed. Includes original power supply


The RSP Intelliverb is a 24 bit intelligent effects processor providing 6 unparalleled effect algorithms and superb sound quality not found in effect processors twice it's price. Complete programmability and full MIDI implementation are coupled with a user-friendly operating scheme to ensure that designing both unique and useful preset sounds is a simple as possible.

Providing Virtual Room reverberation, 4 voice pitch shifting, 8 voice stereo chorus, various types of delay effects, delay ducking and HUSH Systems' fully digital implementation of HUSH noise reduction, the impressive sonic quality of the Intelliverb is, in part, due to the incorporation of three individual 16 bit converters and Sigma-Delta A/D conversion, achieving a 64x oversampling rate and dynamic range of over 100db.

To achieve the maximum possible performance (zero wait states) from the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) engine, the Intelliverb uses a large number of very fast (and expensive) Static Ram (SRAM) memory IC's. All other digital effects processors we have examined, including ones costing several times the price of the Intelliverb, (except the Rocktron Intellifex), use much slower and cheaper Dynamic Rams (DRAMS). This extra-powerful hardware allows the Intelliverb's Virtual Room algorithm to achieve unequalled levels of room simulation.