Fera / RFT (Fernseh-Radio) V 150 Quadro-effekt, 1981, made in Germany

The HiFi amplifier V150 is technically the successor to the HiFi 50 and a part of the component system Fera 150 from the PGH TV-Radio Berlin. It is based technically, as well as the rest of the resort, on a proven and reliable switching principle with good technical parameters, but for which also caused no real innovations in the GDR market. ifatwww.et.uni-magdeburg

The amplifier has 5 inputs TA, TB 1, TB 2, Tuner and Reserve (eg for a television set), which can be dialed in an amplifier from the GDR, via a rotary switch instead of push buttons set the first time on the rear panel. The signals of 5 high level inputs are from the rotary switch to a common input amplifier as an impedance converter, which is equipped with low-noise transistors supplied.

The preamplifier is built in classical discrete circuitry. It is equipped with two-stage and low-noise transistors, the tone controls for bass and treble, as well as the volume and balance control is provided by dual potentiometer. The loudness control can be disabled with the "Linear" button continue you can switch to "Mono".

Усилитель является продолжением Fera HiFi 50. radiomuseum | rft-hifigeraete | Infrequent Sound.

На днях, на немецком ebay, был продана топовая модель Fera / RFT (Fernseh-Radio) V 500 за 124,45, вы же понимаете, что немцы просто так повышать ставки не будут за усилитель, которые для моих посетителей никогда не представлял интерес. Данную модель впервые увидел, жаль в битве за него участия не принимал, но отмечу, что даже младшие линейки даных усилителей впечатляют. Link: radiomuseum | ifatwww.et.uni-magdeburg | rft-hifigeraete

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The power amplifier, a four-stage electrically coupled network is set up discretely, fully equipped with silicon transistors and operates as a quasi-complementary output stage. It is powered by unbalanced supply voltage and thus requires Auskoppelelkos. In a speaker protection circuit, and a delay was waived.

The V 150 provides connections for 4 loudspeakers, two of them to pseudoquadrofonen playback. The two pairs are selected via a rotary switch, for pure stereo or Pseudoquadrobetieb. The headphone jack located on the front panel is therefore not, as usual, be controlled because the speaker can be either manually shut down with the rotary switch.

The V 150 has a red LED as power control, on the overload indicators used at HiFi 50 but was omitted.

The visual design of the Fera devices is plain and technically, but through the relatively large housing made of wood a bit old-fashioned for its time.

The plant was silver and black property offers in the colors of both the housing and the aluminum front panels are painted in the respective color. Deviating there are also silver anodized front panel, the label carried by a black or white screen-printing in German. In the first devices only "Fera" was a label on the unit, later additionally "RFT".

The knobs and buttons are made with the silver vessels made of metal, in the black plants made of plastic, the back wall is made of cardboard.

The Fera V 150 was presented at the Leipzig Autumn Fair 1981, the first time the public.

Link: radiomuseum

Technical specifications:
Country:  Germany
Manufacturer / Brand:  Fernseh-Radio Berlin (FERA), PGH; (Ostd)
Year: 1982 Type: Audio Amplifier or -mixer
Semiconductors (the count is only for transistors) 20:
Principle Audio-Amplification
Wave bands - without
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 220 Volt
Loudspeaker - This model requires external speaker(s).
Power out 60 W (undistorted)
from Radiomuseum Model: Fera V150 - Fernseh-Radio Berlin FERA, PGH
Material Wooden case
Shape Book-shelf unit.
Dimensions (WHD) 436 x 98 x 250 mm / 17.2 x 3.9 x 9.8 inch

  • HiFi stereo amplifier with 5 inputs
  • 4 speaker outputs
  • optionally switchable stereo or Quadro effect playback or headphones
  • Output power 2 x 30 Watts RMS into 4 Ω
  • Frequency response 30 ... 20,000 Hz.
Bestandteil der Anstellanlage FERA HiFi-Komplex 150 (Tuner T150, Verstärker V150, Fonoautomat P224, 2 Boxen K150, 2 Boxen B10).
Operating voltage: 220V, 50 Hz
Power consumption at rated power: 170 W
RMS output power: 2 x 30 W for k = 0.5%
THD at f = 1000 Hz; 30 W:. , , , , , , , , , , , 0.5%
Transmission area : 20 - 20000 Hz
Signal to noise ratio at 30 W : > 55 dB
Crosstalk at 1 kHz. > 40 dB
Input voltage range: 0.22 ... 2 V
Setting "Bass" at f = 40 Hz +/- 15 dB
Setting "Treble" at f = 16kHz +/- 15 dB
Setting "Balance": +3 DB / -10 dB
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 7 kg / 15 lb 6.7 oz (15.419 lb) 
Dimensions W x H x D 436 x 98 x 250 mm
Price in first year of sale 900.00 DM
Collectors' prices  
Source of data Radiokatalog Band 2, Ernst Erb
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