Evans Super Echo EE-3, 197¿, made in Japan


Фото из нашей мастерской:
  • замена конденсаторов
  • чистка-смазка двигателя
  • переделка питания на 220V


ManufacturerEvans Corporation (Tokyo, Japan)
DateProbably 70s
List price
Transport typeTension tape loop
Motor speedFixed
Playback heads1
Head selectionn/a
Delay time
Inputs5 (2 x mic input, 2 x instrument, from PA)
Wet output onlyYes, PA out is wet only
Pinch rollerNo disengage mechanism from capstan
Tone controlTone balance knob for delayed signal
Remote Control

Echo on/off jack

  • Volume
  • Mode Controller Long-Short (slider?)
  • Repeat
  • Volume
  • Tone

  • On/Off (toggle)
  • Operating Voltage
    Related modelsOther Evans "Super Echo" models, especially the ES-1, but also the EE-6, VE-80, Nova 400, EE-3, SE-780

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