TC Electronic M5000 Digital AudioMainframe, Ultimate Audio Processing Platform, made in Denmark

M5000 - Digital AudioMainframe... The Ultimate Audio Processing Platform
The M5000 Digital Audio Mainframe is unlike any other effects processor you have ever seen. By combining TC DARC™ technology with the skills of the best signal processing software engineers around the world, we have created the perfect mix of effects you have access to in the M5000 today. 

What you see is not what you get - you get more! The unique design of the M5000 hardware platform allows for future upgrading of both the software and hardware aspects. It will far outlast any other signal processor you own or can buy today.

Operating the M5000 is a breeze and upgrading it couldn't be simpler. All M5000 owners receive regular, easy to install, software upgrades -featuring the very latest state-of-the-art effects. Add to this hardware upgrades like the impressive ATAC Remote Controller and you have a package that is unbeatable.

Link: tcelectronic

Technical Specifications

Max. Input Level@ -8 dB gain, + 21.8 dBu
@ 0 dB gain, + 14.8 dBu
@ 12 dB gain, + 2.8 dBu
Input Impedance20 KOhm, electronically balanced
Input Gain+/-12 dB
Input CMRRDC - 1 KHz, > 60´
1 KHz - 20 KHz, > 40 dB
Max. Output Level+20,8 dBu
Output Signal Balance> 40 dB @ 1 KHz (BBC method)
Output Impedance100 Ohm, electronically balanced
Output Gain-18 dB to + 12 dB
Frequency Response10-22 KHz, +0 -1 dB, Fs=48.0KHz
THD< 0.01% @ 1 KHz, + 10 dBu
IMD< 0.01% @ 1 KHz, + 10 dBu
Dynamic Range> 100 dB (ADA-2)
> 98 dB (ADA-1)
Crosstalk< -80 dB @ 1 KHz
Group Delay Linearity< 5 µS
Phase LinearityBetter than 5
A to D ConversionDelta Sigma 20 bit 64x oversampling
18bit (ADA-1) 64x oversampling
18bit (ADA-1) 64x oversampling
D to A ConversionLinear 20bit 8x oversampling
Sampling Rate48.0 KHz, 44.1 KHz, 32.0 KHz
EnvironmentOperating, 0° C to +50° C
Storage, -20° C to +60°
Power RequirementsSelectable 100/120/220/240V
50-60Hz, 20 to 50 watts
50-60Hz, 20 to 50 watts
Dimensions3 1/2 x 19 x 12 inches
FinishBlack anodized aluminum face plate
Painted and plated steel chassis
Net Weight19 lbs. (8.6kg)

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