TL Audio Ivory-Series 5051 mk 1 Rackmount Mono Pre-Amp Tube Valve Processor EQ Comp

Link: TTX на mk2

Type: Multi-Effects Processor
Model: 5051 Mono Valve Processor

Mono Tube Voice Processor

This mono voice processor provides the ideal front-end for any system by offering a combined pre-amp, compressor, equaliser and noise gate in one easy-to-use package with a digital output. The 5051 compressor section is identical to that of the 5021 and includes hard/soft knee modes, with a four-band EQ section modelled after the legendary TL Audio EQ-1 yielding superb results with an improved optical gate for removing unwanted source noise. The 5051 features no less than six valve stages supplied by three twin-diode ECC83/12AX7A valves running from a sabilised 150V DC power supply. One valve stage in the pre-amp, one in the comp circuit and four in the EQ section.