Videoton EA 6383 S Stereo Amplifier, 1983-85, made in Hungary

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Country:  Hungary
Manufacturer / Brand:  Videoton; Székesfehérvár
Brand VTTV
Year: 1982–1985
Category: Audio Amplifier or -mixer
Semiconductors (the count is only for transistors) 36:
Main principle Audio-Amplification
Wave bands - without
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 230 Volt
Loudspeaker - This model requires external speaker(s).
Power out 100 W (unknown quality)
Model: Stereo Amplifier EA6383S - Videoton; Székesfehérvár
Material Metal case
Shape Book-shelf unit.
Dimensions (WHD) 440 x 115 x 240 mm / 17.3 x 4.5 x 9.4 inch
Notes 3 IC, 20-20000 Hz.


Hi-Fi stereo amplifier with 8Ω output. Semiconductors: 3 ICs, 36 transistors and 21 diodes. Tuner, two magnets and a magnetic turntable can be connected to it. There is a headphone jack on the front panel. Balan, high and bass control and volume potentiometer are located on the front panel. The push buttons can be used to adjust physiological volume, mono-stereo switch, high and low-cut filter. Below the input selector buttons. The display is a two-line VFD panel. Next to it is the "Mute" button, which reduces this volume by 10 dB.
Frequency response: 10 to 40,000 Hz. Bandwidth: 20 to 20,000 Hz. Signal to Noise: From tape and tuner inputs: ≥58 dB; turntable input: ≥50 dB. Harmonic distortion: 0.06%. Intermodulation distortion: 0.2%. Transduction attenuation: 1kHz for tuner and tuner inputs: ≥50 dB; turntable input: ≥40 dB. 10 kHz for tuner and tuner inputs: 40 dB; turntable input: 30 dB. Output power: sinusoidal: 2x30 W; music: 2x50 W. Power consumption: max. 160 W.


Donor: Tibor Schroder.
Videoton's second generation (RT-402) high-fidelity Hi-Fi tower amplifier. Additional features of the tower include Videoton RT 6303 S tuner, Akai AP-Q310 / C turntable, Akai CS-F210 tape recorder, VT DC 2550 speaker and SA7 stand.
Its predecessor is the VT EA 6380 S, which has changed a lot. Interestingly, when you touch the buttons, the electronics mute the amplifier so there is no noise or bump on the loudspeakers when switching on. Its amplifier includes BD809-BD810 high-purity transistors, but the same can be said of the other semiconductors used in the final phase. Despite its active use, the last bolt is in its original, flawless and scratch-free state, making this amplifier even more special.

Собран на Motorola BD809/810 !!!

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