Junost 21 KeyTar | Юность 21, 1991

Description http://ruskeys.net

Unost' - 21 is a portable polyphonic keyboard EMI. A player can hang it on a shoulder. Timbre of sound can be changed in accordance with players desire by the use of controls or choosing one or 12 programed timbres with digital indication of chosen one.
The instrument changes sounding during playing composition using such effects as chorus, unison, transposition with continuous and coarse control, frequency and timbre vibrato with continuous frequency, depth and delay time control, fixed and dynamic change of timbre, attack and fading of sound. Attack, fading and level of envelope of the filter. Filter's cutoff frequency control from the keyboard.
The case of the instrument is made out of aluminium. Control panels are made out of shockproof polystyrene. Power unit is made as an individual part.
There is a leather belt to hang the instrument on a shoulder. There is a special case out of veneer for carrying purposes. There is a possibility to plug a power source with voltage within +/- 10 V in a socket. http://www.ruskeys.net


  • Formation of envelope in volume with attack and fading duration control.
  • Formation of envelope in timbre with attack duration control, fading, level and depth of timbre control.
  • Frequency and timbre vibrato in depth, frequency, pre- delay control.
  • Transposing on an octave (continuous and coarse)
  • Tuning of the musical range.
  • There is a filter with continuous range, depth and sharpness control.
  • Possibility to control cutoff frequency of filter by the keyboard.
  • Fixed choice of chorus and unison sounding.
  • Volume control
  • The power unit of the instrument has an electric indicator of ON mains.
Number of octaves in a keyboard (from "F" to "E")4
In audible range6
Number of programmed timbres12
Power consumptionmax 11V*A
- without power unit and casemax 85x260x860 mm
- in casemax 130x330x945 mm
- without power unit and casemax 6,5 kg
- in casemax 13 kg
Amplitude outputmax 2,4 V
Signal/(Backgound+noise) in a pausemax 55dB
Relative frequency instability of leading generator over 4 hours of workingmax 0,3 %