AK (Cort | Super Sound | Conrad) Drummer Model CRM-260 Analogue Preset Rhythm Machine from the 80's, made in Korea

Identical Name:
  • AK Drummer Model CRM-260
  • Cort Drummer Model CRM-260
  • Super Sound Drummer Model CRM-260
  • Conrad Drummer Model CRM-260 [the image is on video]
For the collector of ancient analogue stuff- this is a super find- for the rest, it's probably crap. The drums themselves are devilishly simple. Extremely tight kick bass with a "wiff" snare that sounds like a low-end suction *pop*. 8 preset drum loops, "Trot," "Waltz," "Rock," "Slow Rock," "Disco," "Cha Cha," "Bosa Nova," and "Rhumba." Volume and Tempo knobs. Machine is about 6" x 2" x 4" (yet still has rack mount handles)

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