Hohner Expander VOX 5 P MIDI (Accordion)

The HOHNER VOX5 was developed in the 80s as a full equipment for accordion solo entertainer. It was also at that time so highly developed and best quality that only professionals could afford almost...

A special feature is that the velocity characteristics of the instruments can be manipulated. this way can create entirely new sound effects.

In keeping with the trend of the analog sound generation fascinated by this rare piece of '80s analog sounds with incredibly great.

These sounds - the drums, guitars, bass, flutes and the outstanding organ sounds are characterized by the fact that they do not sound synthetic, but a pleasantly soft yet accurate and exhibit dynamic analog sound. You ask how digital operation via MIDI with analog sounds are compatible? Although synthetically generated and therefore MIDI-compatible - the sounds come from extremely large, high quality and from today's perspective superredundanten ICs and microprocessors.

Yes, in the '80s, the circuits were so solid that they have for the sound generation characteristic of a completely analogous. Hence the great sounds - which is why the early analog synthesizers of the '80s with connoisseurs looking incredibly delicious treat! matrixsynth

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