Linn LK100 Power Amp, 1996, made in Scotland

The Linn LK100 Power Amplifier is a flexible power amplifier with performance and power to drive virtually any loudspeaker. It can be used with the Linn Kairn in a main system and is ideal for use in distributed sound systems.
Multiple outputs allow easy bi- and tri- wiring, and the affordability of the LK100 makes bi- and tri- amplification of loudspeakers more accessible.
The LK100 has over current and over temperature protection, an efficient internal heatsink, and is stable into any load. Additionally surface-mounted transistors on the circuit board provide efficient heat dissipation.
With output power of 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms, or 90 watts per channel into 4 ohms, the LK100 has the ability to drive the most demanding loudspeakers. Its elegant looks make it ideal for stacking in multi-amplifier and active systems.
Good looks combined with affordability make the LK100 a highly desirable amplifier, and its high performance gives it a wide range of applications, including driving Linn Kabers, or the active Keltik loudspeaker system. 



Width - 320mm Depth - 326mm Height - 80mm
Weight - 7kg
Sensitivities for 20 V rms output (50 Watts per 8 ohms) at 1 Hz
Input: 741mV rms / 4.7Kohms
Maximum power: 50 Watts/8 ohms per channel
80 Watts/4 ohms per channel
Mains Supply/Fuse
115V and 100V 6.3A
240V and 220V 3.15A
Power Consumption
300VA maximum, 15W idling

Owner's Manual: