Kvintet | Квинтет


A polyphonic analog synthesizer Faemi - 1M (Kachkanarsky radiofactory) has a keyboard of 4 octaves. Main generator, infralow frequency generator, lowpass filter, amplifier are in the basis of the synthesis in this instrument. The control panel is divided into 5 sections: generator, timbre, vibrato, filter, amplifier.


  • GENERATOR: release, tuning, glissando
  • TIMBRE: piano, strings, clavesin, wind instruments
  • VIBRATO (generator of pulse low frequency): frequency, depth, delay
  • FILTER: attack, decay, sustain, release, frequency, resonance, modulation
  • AMPLIFIER: volume
Engineer: Alexander Reunov, designer: Andrey Petukhov, produced by Formanta Katchkanar radio plant.