Aelita | Аэлита


Electric musical synthesizer Aelita (Murom plant RIP). This monophonic synthesizer with 3 oscillators is a modern musical instrument. If a player uses different musical effects (for example three-part unison, timbral glissando, frequency vibrato, timbre tremolo, decay, attack, strings.) a composition would sound in a new fashion.
Sounding may be changed during the playing as well as timbre: special controls are provided for it.
There is a possibility to record sounding on a tape during playing composition. This instrument can be successfully used in a variety ensembles.
The elegent package made out of aluminium alloy and is covered with artificial leather. It is well protected by the light and firm case.


The outlet voltage, V0,25
Number of octaves:
- musical range7,5
- keyboard3,5
Sound rangefrom "fa" to "do"
Number of registers
- in every voice5 (32';16';8';4';2')
- unison and string4 (16';8';4';2')
Noise level, pause level, dB-55
Volume control range, dB60
Mains voltage, V220
Power consumtion, W25
Dimensions, mm285е335е900
Weight, kg15