Fostex AC2496: ADAT - S/P FID Converter

The model AC2496 is the 24-bit analog to digital converterto convert 8 analog inputs to ADAT or S/P DIF. It can add 8 more analoginputs to D1624 or 16 more to D2424 (with optional model 8355 8ch A/Dcard) via ADAT that enables 16 track or 24 track simultaneous recordingrespectively, most effective for live recording with Fostex D-series.Via S/P DIF, 2 analog inputs can be converted and sent on 24-bit/96kHzformat. It is one of the most cost effective units among the analogto digital converters in the market. It is also useful for the customers who have PC based digital recorderto record analog sources converted into ADAT by AC2496. Besides thestandard ADAT output, 8 analog can be converted into 24 bit/96kHz formatand output via AES/EBU with model 5045 8ch AES/EBU card. Currently not many soundcard support 8 track simultaneous recordingon 24 bit/96kHz format but it should be the future professional standard.AC2496 is ready for it with 5045. Both optional cards can be installedby end user.

  • Internal CD-R/RW drive - the CD-1A
  • ADAT Mixer Mode – when using PC/Mac-based audio/midi softwareand an ADAT audio card, the VF160 can be used as a full function mixerwith its high-quality mic amps, digital EQ and effects processing availablefor inputs and simultaneous monitoring of the audio on the PC, eachwith its own fader
  • Scrub Zoom allows zooming-in of the current waveform displayby up to 16 times, so that editing points can now be selected more precisely
  • Fader Pairing allows channels be paired or ganged in stereo setsi.e. Ch 1-2, 5-6, etc. and have the stereo level controlled by the oddnumbered respective fader
  • Channel Solo allows any number of channels to be placed intosolo mode quickly and easily
  • In addition to ‘individual track’ and ‘8 track’modes, Track Exchange is now enhanced to include
    'stereo pair' exchange
  • BPM Delay will automatically calculate the feedback time of thedelay according to any change of tempo as designated in the tempo map
  • Event Map Locate allows instant access to points displayed onthe Event Map Screen
  • Locate to Last Rec Point will instantly return to the point wherethe last recording began.
  • Great all-round capability