Estradin - 230 | Эстрадин 230


A monophonic synthesizer Estradin - 230 (plant "Elektroizmeritel" of Zhitomir) contains 4 main sources of sound - 3 tone generators and the source of noise. Such external sources as electroguitar and electroorgan can be connected to the instrument. The filter of lower frequencies is intended for changing harmonic compound of signals of audible frequency in self-excitation condition. This filter can be used as fifth source of sound.
There is a possibility to control attack, release and sustain. One use such an interesting effect as sliding transition from one sound to another. There is a memory device in the synthesizer that saves sounding of tone as soon release time.
There are some other devices in the instrument such as glissando, modulation mixer and filter controlled from the keyboard.
  • Frequency range is from 1 to 20000 Hz
  • One can use an internal generator "A" for tuning (440 Hz)