Hohner String Performer - String Machine, 1977

This german early eighties string keyboard was one of the last variations on building a string ensemble keyboard with or without some extras added.

This one features:
as full polyphonic sound sources. Addtionally a bass sound can be activated for the lower two octaves. The keyboard is split in two plus three octaves. And each half can get a unique combinations of the above named sounds.

At the right hand of the keyboard you can switch on one of the five avialble monophonic synth sound presets:
  • BASS
  • OCTAVE (transposes all the sounds named before one octave down)
And finally the single board of the monophonic synth.
The coloured trimmers are variable capacitors. They might ajust the filter presets of each synth preset sound.
The synth is very pitch stable btw. But you may have to adjust the course pitch with the trimmer pot on the left. The right hand trimmer adjusts the vibrato frequency.

The volume of the mono synth section is usually way higher then the rest of the keyboard.

In the back there are the following sockets (left to right):
  • GENERAL out (= main out)
  • BASS out
  • STRINGS out
  • PIANO/CLAVINET/ SOLO (= mono synth) out
  • FOOTSWELL pedal in
  • MAINS in (the 110V versions appear to have an external power supply)
The ON/OFF switch is next to the mains in.