Jolana Special Electric Guitar

Jolana Special was made at Hradec Kralove Jolana factory since 1970. The design was based on a popular Jolana Tornado first introduced in 1963. The further "modification" (read: downgrade) of Tornado was Jolana Studio with an ultra-original 4+2 tuners' arrangement. 

Special featured different headstock shape and the same Tornado switches. Three single-coil pickups and a large and thin semihollow body with two f-shaped holes was almost the same as on Tornado. The Special's neck is not wide but relatively thick (with a small radius). Originally there was a string damping device on this guitar (see Jolana Tornado), but it's not present anymore. 
In the 70's these guitars could be found in Soviet Union's shops. They were extremely expensive (costing about two times more than Soviet guitars), and were among the finest axes a Soviet musician could find.