Doepfer Pocket Dial MIDI Control Box with 16 Rotary Encoders

List of compatible devices and programs

POCKET DIAL is a MIDI control box with 16 endless rotary encoders - in contrast to POCKET CONTROL that is equipped with 16 rotary potentiometers. This enables a jump-less change of parameters - provided that the device or software controlled by POCKET DIAL features data feedback of the new starting data after a preset change as POCKET DIAL needs the starting values of theparameters of the new preset. Another possibility is the increment/decrement control of the parameters in question. In this case the POCKET DIAL does not "know" the absolute values of the parameters but transmits only inc/dec data to the device/software. Only devices that features the data feedback or inc/dec control should be controlled by POCKET DIAL. If you need more details about this item please click here. For other devices we recommendPOCKET CONTROL or POCKET FADER.

The main application of POCKET DIAL will be the control e.g. of software synthesizers. POCKET DIAL is placed in front of the computer screen so that the absolute parameter data and their changes can be seen immediately at the screen.

Pocket Dial features:
  • 16 high quality endless rotary encoders (alpha dials), manufacturer: ALPS
  • solid silver-grey coeated metallic housing made of 1 mm steel
  • measures about 25 x 9.5 x 4.5 cm
  • black knobs, about 18 mm diameter, having a good grip
  • distance between the knobs about 30 mm (from center to center)
  • 4 banks that can be selected very fast via 4 buttons and blue LEDs (thus 64 "virtual" controllers are available)
  • 32 presets (with 4 banks each, i.e. 128 presets altogether), selected via DIP switch at the rear panel, for more details concerning the preset management click here
  • program change button (as long as this buttons is pressed the encoder below no 8 transmits program change messages for fast preset changes of the unit controlled by POCKET DIAL)
  • master channel button (for fast adjustment of the MIDI master channel, same function as Pocket Control)
  • 24 detents/pulses per rotation, i.e. the data change is +/-24 per turn (if the encoder is turned slow, see acceleration)
  • acceleration function, i.e. the data change increases if the encoders are turned faster
  • the editor program (PC version) enables the user to program his own 128 presets. This means that you can define the function of each of the 16 controllers in your own 128 presets. You no longer depend on the factory presets ! The program can be downloaded free of charge from our internet site - e.g. to test the programming possibilities before you purchase the Pocket Fader.
  • alternatively you may order the OEM-Version of Emagic's Sounddiver (PC- and Mac version on CD ROM) together with Pocket Dial at 10.00 Euro (about US$10.00) (available only in connection with Pocket Dial, not a full version of Sounddiver, runs only with Pocket Dial)
  • If desired please order the Sounddiver together with the Pocket Dial as a separate order only for the Sounddiver cannot be accepted resp. causes high processing charges because of the small value
  • external AC adapter for power supply (AC adapter for 230V AC and European type of mains connector is included, adapters for other voltages or other mains connector types must be purchased by the customer in his country, 7...12V/100mA DC required)

price: Euro 219.00 (incl. power supply 230V version für European type of mains plug. Running out - sale while stocks last !Sellout price Euro 99.00. The price in US$ depends upon the exchange rate between Euro and US$ at the payment day.