Major Vox (MV) Reese Audio LS4 mk2, made in Denmark, 1970s

Power Requirement: 30 Watt
Rated Impedance: 4 Ohm
Dimensions: width 28 cm / depth 23 cm / height 44,5 cm
Made in Denmark
Woofer - Peerless (or 

Jensen called the Tobias Jensen, was nicknamed Two-be or not to-be. They were not always reliable and not very fixed voltage (25v +). Wicon bipolar was apart from the miserable termination much better! I was at that time employed by Reese Audio also produced OEM speakers in the period 1967-74. (Expert, Rank Arena, Sonex etc.) We used blah. also Scan-Speak devices but combined with midtones (Peerless LE39 and Phillips AD5060). The great opportunities to simulate crossovers we did not, so the crossover WAS something you (more or less) listened to. That is probably why they sound pleasant. One must not forget that the transistor amplifiers were built during this period suffered terribly of crossover distortion, etc., so the tone could not hold out if there was too much hole through. 

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