Braintec Transistorbass 3 Analogue Monosynth, clone TB-303, 1994

"Braintec Transistorbass 3 Analogue Monosynth built in 1994. Only 400 were made.

A very few knobs are a bit stiffer than others, but apart from that, the unit works fine and knobs don't produce noise when moved. A 12V 500mA AC-Adapter is included but not original. It can do some really good TB-303 sounds (including slide and accent), but it really is capable of much more. Quite complex Midi-Implementation.

2 VCOs:
- VCO 1 is saw/square switchable,
- VCO 2 could work like a LFO, modulating VCF, sync to VCO
Source-Target Modulation Matrix via Pitch bend / Mod Wheel / ENV ...
with 128 configurations switchable with midi program change
2 LFOs sync to Midi Clock
Real time MIDI control with controllers over the most important parameters
Accent (separate to volume) and slide effects to emulate the TB-303
CV and GATE out (midi to CV converter) along with CV adjust
Audio in to VCF
VCO Tune and Fine Tune
24dB Filter"

Full info

Scanned User Manual in Acrobat PDF (GERMAN)
60 pages, about 2.86 Mb
Cubase Device Panel
Cubase SX Midi Device Panel for the Transistorbass3
(See my Cubase SX Panels page)