Flame Midi-Talking-Synth

Discontinued and finally sold out (200 units sold worldwide at all!)



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MIDI Talking Synth – the illegitimate son of the Speak and Spell? This machine is also capable of speech synthesis but with much more control. Besides the possibility to play separate words via MIDI and to combine them into sentences there are also (american) phonems which allow you to create your own words – if you have enough patience. Furthermore the unit can generate telephone dial sounds and 80ies computer game sounds. Alternatively you can play the machine with its internal sequencer and random function for obscure speech-like loops. Great fun!

technical details

2 analogue „Speakjet“ speech chips, each can be set to play speech- or synthesizer sounds. The left joystick triggers sounds ,the right controls pitch and formants. „hold“ rocker switch freezes the current joystick position. Speed control sets the lenghth of the sounds (speed of the speech). Mix control sets volume relation between the two chips. Two operating modes: Expander mode: 2x5 banks with separate words, 2x1 bank with phonems. Each word 7 phonem corresponds to a MIDi note. Sequencer mode: 2x6 banks with speech like and effect sounds. Joystick movements can be recorded and looped for the lenghts of two bars, whereas the tempo can be set with the internal tempo generator or via MIDI-clock. Random generator´s intensity can be controlled and random is switchable separately for each Speakjet. Phase synchronous / phase shifted tremolo. Pitch quantizer for major or minor scales with selectable key note.

inputs and outputs
Audio output (6,3mm / 1/4inch stereo socket), 9V DC power inlet, MIDI in, MIDI out
measures and weight
rugged aluminium housing, 17 x 10,5 x 6cm, 610g (7 x 4 x 2.5 inches, 1.345 lbs)