Carvin TN100 Tone Navigator Preamp

Carvin TN100 TONE NAVIGATOR Frank Gambale Midi guitar preamp. The TN100 is the ultimate digitally controlled analog preamp. The signal path "TONE GENERATION" is totally analog. No algorithms of simulated tone here. We worked with guitarist Frank Gambale to perfect a preamp with enough preshaping, EQ controls and internal effects to Navigate to the ultimate Tone. The Tone Navigator's unique EQ section includes the normal BASS, MID, TREBLE, and PRESENCE plus two Mid-sweep stages only found on high-end studio consoles. If you're like most guitarist and thought, "if only I could tweak the Mid frequencies just a little my sound would be perfect," then this preamp is a dream come true. The Tone Navigator’s dual mid-sweep controls allow you to tweak the mids twice. Covering the full guitar spectrum and beyond. The Tone Navigator allows you to store 99 MIDI accessible patches of Clean1 (scooped), Clean2 (flat), Crunch, or Distortion tones. The internal dual effects engines add lush Reverb, Delay,Chorus, and Flange effects to any patch. The optional FS22 footswitch will allow remote selection of a patch. For full MIDI remote control, add a Midi footswitch.

• One button access for each tone control
• Vacuum Florescent Display for high visibility in light or dark conditions
• Large two digit patch number display for long distance viewing
• 119 patches (99 user and 20 Frank Gambale set)
• Front and Rear panel 1/4" input
• Rear 1/4" unbalanced and XLR balanced outputs
• Cabinet Voiced (Output 2) 1/4" & XLR outputs
• Effects loop with Stereo Return
• FS-22 Footswitch jack and MIDI IN and Thru
• Premium construction and universal 120/230 Volt AC power supply
• 19" 1U all steel chassis with Chrome front panel and knobs