Gem Galanti Group Jumbo 61 R6 Combo Organ with drum machine, made in Italy

This appears to be much more than just a 61-key version of the "Jumbo" (above). The panel above the keyboard reads: "Jumbo 61 GEM R6". combo-organ

Schematic: combonation.proboards

  • Knobs: Bass Volume, Balance, Vibrato Speed
  • Rhythm: Volume, Tempo, Start/Stop, Automatic, Swing, Bossa Nova, Tango, March, Blues, Waltz
  • Bass Voice Tabs: Bass On/Off, Bass Flutes, Bass Strings
  • Treble Voice Tabs: Horns, Strings, Cornets, Flutes
  • Vibrato: On/Off
  • Percussion Voices: Flutes, Strings
  • Knobs: Percussion Volume, Percussion Time