Baby NEUMANN U47 - RFT VEB CM7156 Multi-pattern condenser microphone, 1956, made in Germany

East German FUNKWERK LEIPZIG  CM7156 TUBE Multi-pattern condenser microphone

CM7156 Handcrafted Vintage Tube Microphone .
from the Late 1950s/early 1960's

CM7156 has a slightly smaller version of Neumann's M7 diaphragm found in the early Neumann classics
the U47 and M49 large diaphragm valve microphones ,and others. With similar internal electronics
- the tubes EC92 + AC761 (East German version of AC701)-
CM 7156 - first introduced in 1956
Multi-pattern condenser microphone
Handcrafted in the former East Germany by VEB Funkwerk Leipzig with a custom reduced-size
M7-based capsule by G. Neumann Gefell .
Designed for high-quality voice and music recording / performances .
Switchable between cardioid and omni.
Frequency range - 40-20000Hz, sym. 200 ohms output.
condition of the Gold sputtered diaphragm, internal electronics (see the pics).
Sold without PSU/cable - but can buy from German vintage microphone expert

Serial Number: 02238
NOT TESTED - капсюль под перетяжку
Full original

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