Saba hi-fi Box 810F (Natural walnut), 2-way closed system 1970-1971, made in Western Germany

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Manufacturer: SABA
Model: 810
Year of construction: 1970 - 1971 (датировка сборки штамповано внутри корпусов, фото ниже есть ;*) )
Made in Germany
Color: Natural walnut, matt white
Dimensions: 440 x 245 x 220 mm (HxBxT)
Weight: 7.4 kg
Original price approx .:

Technical specifications
Type: 2-way closed

  • Woofer: 1x 145 mm
  • Tweeter: 1x 80x150 mm
Endurance (Nominal / Musikb.): 15/20 W
Frequency response: 50 - 18.000 Hz
Transition regions:
Impedance: 4 ohms

Special Features
also available with wood grill

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