Alpine / Luxman D-100, 1986, made in Japan

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Full compact size CD player developed as Luxman's second generation model. 
3-beam system is adopted as the pickup part. 
In the 3-beam system, two sub-beams are mounted separately from the main beam that reads the signal, thus realizing more accurate tracing. 
The servo circuit adopts the tracking servo, and by reading the main beam tracking error by the sub beam, it can accurately detect even a slight misalignment and correct it in real time. 
In addition, the servo circuit becomes resistant to vibration and external shock if the sensitivity is raised, but malfunction may occur because it detects dirt and fine scratches that are not related to music signal. Therefore, in D - 100, the servo gain corresponding to the variation is set from the information storage track, and by setting appropriate servo gain for each condition, appropriate servo is operated for every condition I will. 
Luxman's original STAR circuit is adopted for all analog signal circuit after D / A converter. 
In this method, the earth line and the feed line to be sent to each circuit block are supplied directly to each point without sharing, and the shared impedance of each circuit is thoroughly eliminated. 
The D - 100 uses the clock of the D / A converter as the main clock, and the microcomputer clock and the system clock are synchronized by sending out the frequency divided from the main clock. This prevents the beat phenomenon caused by using multiple clocks. 
By separating the power supply between the digital system and the analog system, sound quality deterioration due to high frequency pulse components is prevented. 
16 songs random memory, search monitor, all songs / program repeat etc features are carried. 
The timer standby mechanism is carried and alarm clock playback is possible by combining an optional timer. 
We adopt FL tube for display. 
The headphone volume is carried. 
The disc tray adopts the touch sensor method, and the sensor operates just by swinging to the front of the CD tray without pressing the open / close button, and it stores the tray. 
Wireless remote control is attached.

ModelCD player
Pick up method3 beam semiconductor laser light system
Sampling frequency44.1 kHz
Number of quantization bits16 bit linear quantization
Number of channels2 channels
Frequency characteristic5 Hz to 20 kHz ± 0.5 dB
Dynamic range90 dB (1 kHz)
Total harmonic distortion ratio0.005% (1 kHz)
Channel separation87 dB
Maximum output2.0 Vrms
Power supplyAC 100 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power consumption12 W
External dimensionsWidth 438 × height 85 × depth 313 mm
weight4.4 kg
IncludedWireless remote controller RD - 100