Tamon CRO-4, 1977-82, made in Japan

Tamon International was a small Japanese manufacturer of high quality loudspeaker systems.

Tamon's unique high fidelity speaker systems are designed to reproduce music at full concert levels with a clarity and true stereo presence. Each model is made using Tamon's highly developed technology and experience to give full satisfaction to those who want the greatest listening pleasure with the least possible strain on their budget.

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Model: CRO-4
Manufacturer: Tamon Audio Corporation
Type: Speaker - Audio
Year: 1977-1982

3-way System
НЧ литье
10" woofer
Dimensions (WHD): 320 x 560 x 26.5 (without grill22" x 12-1/2" x 11-1/2"
Impedance: 8 Ом
Music Power: 60 watt

RMS Power: 35 watt
Tamon International Inc, Tokyo, Japan