Dynaco A-35 Dual Chamber Aperiodic, 1972-76, made in Denmark

The speaker system which adopted the encapsulated type enclosure of the dual spectrum dumping system. 

A dual spectrum dumping system divides the enclosure into two, is a system which stops internal standing-wave by connecting it by ostium, and is reducing distortion of low-pass by this. 

The 3.8cm dome shape tweeter is carried in the 25.4cm corn type Woofer and the high region low-pass. 

The level control of a five-step change type is carried.

The A-35 is a sonic refinement of the A-25 in a slightly larger, more complex cabinet with a different crossover for a subtly smoother, wider range, and more articulate sound. Though on first listen some will believe that the A-25 has more bass, extended listening will reveal the authenticity of the A-35's tighter, better defined and extended low end. Perceptibly smoother mid-range transition yields a unified clear imaging that is the key to the A-35's resolution of detail. Audio magazine described the A-35 as "unobtrusive". It is a most appropriate accolade. Many consider it to be the most accurate Dynaco speaker.

The A-35 and A-50 use the same tweeter and similar woofers in an exclusive double compartment cabinet (also in the A-40XL) which places the woofer(s) in one section which is internally vented to the other half. Thus are combined the aperiodicadvantages of variable volume action for critical damping at resonance, with the benefits of a larger sealed enclosure for minimum distortion at the lowest frequencies.

The clasic A35 used a SEAS 10" alnico midbass & a SEAS 1 1/2" alnico treated textile dome tweeter with a 1kHz XO. The later A40XL gained 3 dB of efficiency by utilizing a ceramic SEAS 10" and 1" tweeter. 
A 25/35 Crossover Map

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System: 2 ways and 2 speaker dual spectrum dumping sealing system - Book shelf type
Recommended amplifier Range (watts) 20-60 Watt
DIN Power Rating (watts) 35 Watt
Tweeter 1.5"
Woofer 10"
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Tweeter Control Positions 5 (Five-step switch)
Use unit:

  • For low-pass: 25.4cm corn type 
  • For high regions: 3.8cm dome shape
Replaceable Grille  yes
Enclosure Design dual chamber aperiodic
Dimensions W x H x D: 318 x 572 x 254 mm 12.5" x 22.5" x 10"
Shipping Weight 30 lbs.
List Price ?
Production Date 1972
Weight : 10 kg