Linn KAN MK1, 198?, made in Scotland

All Linn serial numbers are Scottish serial numbers, there are no US Linn serial numbers. Linn Products are made in Scotland.

These Kans can take both banana plugs and binding posts.

The Mark 2 was biwireable.

The biggest difference between the Mk1 and Mk2 is the fact the Mk1 has internal damping, which is why many people think the Mk1 is better. Of course Mk2 can be modified with internal damping, plus you get all the advantages of all the other internal upgrades Linn made to the Kan 2.

MDF cab
The Linn Kan, which shares two of the drive units of the Isobarik - hf unit KEF B110 SP1057 MATCHED LS3/5a

Tweeters hiquphon

Plastic hangers on woofers, tweeters without ferrofluid.