Graetz Profi HiFi-Boxen P1-80 [ITT Hyperion H2-70], 1975, made in Germany

In 1975, the Graetz brand presented its top-of-the-range devices, called "PROFI". This professional series includes control units "Profi 306", "Profidirektor 306" and "ProfiStudio 306" as well as the "ProfiCorder 306" - a HiFi stereo cassette recorder with DOLBY noise reduction system. "Profi HiFi-Boxes" - the types P1-80, H2-90, H2-80F, H2-100, H2-120 are matched and technically adapted for this series. All these devices far exceed the HiFi standard DIN 45500 according to the manufacturer.

Link: graetz-radio | graetz.pytalhost

System: 3 ways
Internal socket for the old din connector
Rated load: 50 watts
Power Consumption: 80 Watts
Transmission range: 33 - 25,000 Hz
Woofer: 175 mm
Mid-range: 250 mm
Tweeter: 190 mm
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 7 kg/pcs
Dimensions (WHD): 430 x 225 x 215 mm
Colour: Brown, black

Completely trimmed in synthetic leather!

Graetz Profi HiFi-Boxen P1-80 клоны ITT Hyperion H2-70