Hilton Sound (Hans G.Hernel GmbH + Co KG) SOFTLINE SL 400, 1975?, made in Germany

Chronicle: January 1, 1948Family Hennel founded "Heco" in Schmitten / Taunus. (Other sources say 1949) First, only tube radios are produced.1965The first Heco HIFI loudspeakers, the B310 are produced. They were developed by the still young engineer Wolfgang Seikritt. SourceTo the 1970sHans G. Hennel dies. It should have come to disputes. A bust of the firm threatens. Quelle1972Heco is sold together with factories in Remscheid and Schmitten and including name rights to the British Rank-Radio.
But a small part of the family business remains in the family, including part of Hans G. Hennel's daughter (or woman?) Suse Hennel.192 Three employees leave Heco and found CANTON. Founding members were Hubert Milbers (Managing Director), Otfried Sandig (Marketing, Sales), Günther Seitz (Technology) and Wolfgang Seikritt (Development) Source 1975Heco Hennel & Co Berlin, owned by Suse Hennel. The company belongs to the holding company H. Dahl KG, Hamburg. Also included are Visonik KG, Dahl Elektronik KG and CEC Europa GmbH. Visonik was known for its compact David speakers. SourceCa. 1975Each loudspeaker developer from Braun changed to internal disputes to Heco and Canton. SourceAb approx. 1975Loudspeakers under the company name Summit with reference to "A product of Hans G. Hennel GmbH + Co KG" are produced. The production site is Usingen. (However, there are also summaries from Summit / Wehrheim). Since they do not bear the designation "Heco", it remains to be assumed that also this company still belongs to the family enterprise and not to Rank. In the point, of course, I can deceive myself! Comparisons in the 70s: There are also loudspeakers under the brand "Hilton Sound", originally marketed by "Elektroakustische Geräte H.Hilgers GmbH & Co. KG", marketed (Whether only marketed, or also manufactured I do not know yet). They also bear the words "A product of Hans G. Hennel GmbH + Co KG" (without location details). The loudspeakers with the brand names "Planet" and "MR Service" and loudspeakers without further brand names (eg: TS 7007, GTS 1020) bear the same designation. 1980 - 1986: still missing1986Heco is acquired by a German entrepreneur team. It goes up again. Quelle1986 - 1996: still missingEnde 1996Heco GmbH (Taunus) and Heco Electronics GmbH report insolvency and are taken over by the American Recoton Corporation in December by RECOTON Holding GmbH. Heco now operates as Heco Audio (Produkte) GmbH in Pulheim. QuelleSommer 2003Support of RECOTON Holding GmbH by AUDIOVOX old-fidelity

Technical data of the SL 80:
HiFi studio compact loudspeaker units according to DIN 45500
Principle: air-tight, sound-absorbing housing
Rated load: 50 watts
Music load: 80 watts, operating power: 4.1 watts Transmission range: 30-25000 Hz
Impedance: 8 ohms, which ensures a secure adaptation to commercially available amplifiers
Resonance frequency: 60 Hz
Crossover: special crossover for frequency response correction
Transient frequency 710/3100 Hz Edge slope: 18 or 12 dB / oct.
Bass system 204 mm
Center tone system 38 mm dome
High-frequency system 25 mm dome
Dimension (WxHxD / mm): 421x254x205
Net weight: 9 kg Volume: 21.92 1
Type of installation:
Optional crosswise or upright
Finish: Natural walnut, white and black sanding lacquer, rotatable logo
5m connection cable fixed with standard plug (DIN 41529)
Recommended amplifier power: (sinusoidal power per channel) 20-50 watts
Warranty: THREE years warranty